Check eCommerce pricing: The one ring that ruined a company

Don’t panic.

However, be aware that if you list a wrong price on your website and somebody purchases it from you before you’ve had a chance to check eCommerce pricing and correct it, you must honour your mistake.

This issue has been brought to a head by an extreme case in New South Wales where a jeweller is now likely to be closing its doors because it has to honour a pricing typo.

Here’s a summary of the story and some tips on how to avoid the power of the one ring that could ruin your business.

Do you vow to force us to honour our pricing typo: I do

The story of Royal Diamonds jeweller in New South Wales will surely cause nightmares for other eTailers.

In the Smart Company article, NSW jeweller says it will be forced to close its doors after incorrectly listing a $34,000 ring for $1000we learn that because a customer bought the ring and was promised by the site that if out of stock it will be matched by a ring of “similar or higher grade”, the company was sent into dangerous financial territory.

In court it was argued the customer was acting “unconscionably” but that was rejected on the grounds that the customer had already entered into an absolute contract.

The key lesson here is that you must take responsibility for all prices advertised online, in print, in store, wherever they are promoted, and that means NOT trusting your webmaster or printer to do that for you.

Check eCommerce pricing and breathe easier

One of the benefits of using a WordPress plugin like WooCommerce, is that the product listing is easy to glance through and sort, so you can double check eCommerce pricing easily.

For example, the standard view of your products looks something like this:

Check ecommerce pricing. Image courtesy

Furthermore, this list can be viewed by category and/or sorted by price.

So, for example, if you or your webmaster have just spent some time uploading new products, it can be straightforward to review the entries via this admin list of products, focussed on the categories you had just been working with.

As a further step, given that each product in a WooCommerce store is actually like a blog post, you have the option of saving them as drafts BEFORE you publish them, should you wish to have most of the work done by others and you go through and review product details before they go public.

So, as I said, don’t panic.

As long as you check your pricing and details before publishing and are quick to remedy errors when they are found, you can promote your products with confidence.


Image: One Ring to rule them all by idreamlikecrazy CC BY 2.0