How do brands build trust with consumers?

A key focus for companies has always been to build trust and loyalty with consumers as this is really an essential part in building those long term relations with clients we all strive for.  Brands such as Nike, Harley Davidson, Apple and BMW have been able to achieve this through consistently delivering on their brands promise.

BMW Example: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

“This bold statement is the driving force behind BMW’s brand. They aim to produce only the most efficient and elegant vehicles and their brand promise states this with confidence”. Kevin Leifer

Many companies have come to realise as time has gone by that should they not be able to keep their brand promise; consumers will eventually turn away from their brand in search of one that can.


It’s human behaviour. Consumers see and react to brands the same way they would a colleague, friend or family member with whom they cannot trust and depend on.

Companies need to build trust through meaningful brand experiences and engagement and use every client interaction as an opportunity to achieve this.


Companies need to ensure that they deliver consistently on their promises; the reward for this can be great and often leads to repeat purchases….loyal customers, which is ultimately what all companies are striving for.

“Companies who are able to communicate their brand promise consistently through every single client touch point builds a positive and lasting memory of the company’s brand”.

Put simply, consumers develop brand loyalty through brand messages, including positive word-of-mouth, then have those positive messages reinforced through direct experiences with the brand.

This consolidates a positive perception in the consumer’s mind and therefore they will be more likely to choose this brand, product or service over competing brands.

To build trust, your customers need to believe that;

  • You are able to deliver on your promises
  • You have the consumers best interest at heart
  • You are honest and genuine

Today, consumers have a high level of mistrust, not only in brands but companies, services and governments and therefore delivering on your promise as a company needs to happen on every interaction. Customer experience boils down to everything before, during, and after their interaction with your brand. Customer experience must be applied to both online and offline customer interactions.

When your company’s brand can make a connection with a consumer and deliver on the brand promise they were sold on, it creates the start of brand loyalty and this connection provides the basis of a consumer-brand relationship allowing opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell other products and services.

When last have you looked at how you are matching up to the promises you have made to your clients and their satisfaction? Are you even making the right promises in the first place?

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 Image: A Strange Brand of Happy by Wackystuff, via Flickr. CC BY 2.0