Brand Positioning like a Chef

Brand-Positioning-like-a-Chef-Giovanni’sAdvising business owners and operators over the years I have found the marketing concept of Brand Positioning to be the most nebulous and difficult to explain.  When delivering a Marketing Strategy seminar or workshop I always feel a sense of satisfaction when the group of participants demonstrate that they have fully grasped the concept of Brand Positioning and how it applies to their brand.

Yet Brand Positioning is also a Marketing Concept that many business owners and operators manage to execute with perfection.

The ‘Naturals’ tend to achieve perfection in Brand Positioning by simply being clear about who they are targeting (i.e. their Primary Target Markets) and being super focused and true to the needs of their Primary Target Markets.

As a micro case study I thought I would share with you an example of the impact of perfect execution of Brand Positioning.

The other night my wife and I were driving around Mt Barker looking for a specific address.  We were on our way back from Hindmarsh Island and were well past opening hours of all businesses except for the fuel stops and late night take away outlets.

As we drove down one of the streets a particular restaurant came into view illuminated by my car’s headlights.

This restaurant was like a lot of other restaurants in many ways.  For example:

  • It was located in a nice renovated bungalow that had a nice romantic feel to it
  • The property was well groomed and had a feel of pride about it
  • The colors used reinforced the quality associations
  • It had signage and it displayed the brands of premium wines stocked on its exterior
  • This restaurant was called Giovanni’s and its name was branded proudly providing the confidence that an experienced and skilled Chef had put his name on the line to guarantee

What happened next is why I am using this restaurant as an example of getting Brand Positioning right.  As my car headlights lit up the venue it allowed us to take in the words and descriptions, colors and approach to branding.

Silently I thought to myself “That place looks nice, we should try it sometime”.

Simultaneously, my wife said out loud “That place looks nice, we should try it sometime”.

At first I thought ‘freaky’ has my wife been able to read all of my thoughts since we have been married?  I figured she would have let me know by now.  She is not one to hold back.

Then I realized something I thought was quite exciting given that my wife and I would be fairly close to Giovanni’s Primary Target Market.

Two members of the Primary Target Market arriving at the exact same positive opinion of the brand was in fact a brilliant example in Brand Positioning at work.

This is exactly what you want your Brand Positioning to achieve.  That is, when your Primary Target Market is exposed to your brand you want them to think “That place/brand/product/item/service/etc looks nice/perfect/etc”

How do you achieve this with your brand?

Defining the best Brand Positioning for your brand or business involves some key steps.  Luckily, I have written articles on some of the most important of these steps which include:


So the upshot of my message today is that if you really nail your Brand Positioning and get it as close to perfect as possible to you will make the rest of your sales and marketing much easier.

By ensuring your brand or business creates the right perception in the minds of your Primary Target Market a big part of your sales conversion process is completed.  This means that all of your other Marketing Activities do not need to work as hard.