Blogging tips from the world of fashion: Simply wonderful, darling

Adelaide just hosted the Adelaide Fashion Festival and many heads were craned at catwalks to see what new wonders have been concocted by the city’s creative designers.

As bloggers, we should take note of what happens at these events and why fashions and trends continue to grab our attention because WE are all in the attention-grabbing game.

And the answer is straightforward, according to Jennifer Baumgartner Psy.D:

So what is it about Fashion Week that captures our attention? It is often our lack of attention that draws us in. The newest, the latest, and the greatest that emerge from these events are what we call trends. The brain loves trends because they are fast acting short-lived blasts of novelty… and our gray matter simply loves new things!

Let’s undress that a little.

What is the first job your blog must do?

The very first job your blog article must do is get the attention of Google and/or humans who stumble across it.

Our “lack of attention” that Jennifer refers to, is a reference to the way our brains prefer to sit in autopilot whenever possible, to save energy. This is why we generally don’t see things around us that are there all the time.

The challenge for our articles is to find a way to be “novel”, to blast through the banal background and grab attention.

The fashion industry achieves this by dressing up their collection launches in special events with music and front row seats and limited releases, etc.

For the rest of us, we need to learn to accentuate our curves and work with what we have.

Blogging tips from the world of fashion

Some tips I have gleaned from reflecting upon the Adelaide Fashion Festival:

  • Just being chic is not enough, be different and chic (some of the classy images just look boring so we need to be brave enough to try something a little different to grab attention)
  • Fashion is always a gamble (not every idea will work which is why having a weekly plan of rolling content will make sure that if you “missed” this week you have a fresh chance to “hit” next week)
  • Mix things up (consider juxtaposing your product/service/expertise against something unlikely, eg, how could you teach something about your area of expertise in relation to a banana or walking or the month of November? I recently used beetroot to grab attention in: The beetroot stain protocol: An approach to website troubleshooting)

These are just a few ideas that arose for me from last week’s event. What thoughts have I been able to trigger for you?

I am looking forward to seeing you strut your stuff on your blog catwalk this week.


Image: Fashion’s Future a TAFE SA event in Adelaide Fashion Festival. I interviewed two of the TAFE participants on The Adelaide Show podcast here.