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Creating The Right Message For Your Product

As I mentioned in my previous post, messaging is arguably the most important element of the mix when it comes to creating the perfect offer. In this blog I will share the secrets of crafting the right message. Obviously there is no point in creating a great product if...

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How Do You Create The Perfect Marketing Offer?

In order to create your perfect marketing offer, we need to define what actually constitutes this idea of the perfect marketing offer. One of the best definitions of the perfect offer I have seen goes like this; A perfect offer is a combination of the: Right product,...

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Planning Your Marketing Activities

Core marketing objectives and marketing strategies are an important part of the marketing planning process, but without action plans, nothing much is really going to happen. As part of the planning process at Baker Marketing, we set out the action points required in...

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Pathways to Profit with Market Channel Selection

Deciding which market channels to use to enable your target market to access your products or services can have a big impact on both your brand image and bottom line. A key consideration is to make it as easy as possible for your target market to access your product....

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How Do You Choose Your Sales Partners?

In the critical area of sales partner selection, it’s important to consider both your options and the criteria upon which you will make your choice of sales partner. To simplify the topic of sales partner selection I will split the subject into two categories, firstly...

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How Do You Position Your Brand?

If I were to ask you “what is your brand’s positioning?” What would you say? Brand positioning is a fundamental market concept that refers to how others perceive your brand. What words come to mind when people hear or see your brand?  These words are sometimes...

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Do You Really Understand Your Target Market?

Once your target market has been defined in as much detail as possible, enabling you to define it as though it were an actual person (target market persona), it’s now time to do as all good marketers should, focus on their needs. In order to satisfy your target...

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The Crows v Power Marketing Showdown

This is not your usual Monday blog post today, instead the Crows v Power Marketing Showdown is based on a chat I had with Mark Gamtcheff over lunch about the clubs' logos. If you're thinking about branding or re-branding your business, having some cross-disciplinary...

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