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5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

By now, most businesses with a website understand that they need a social media marketing plan requiring a high-quality content strategy to support it. The problem is that creating and publishing high-quality content can be overwhelming and can consume too much...

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The Challenge of Digital Transformation

One of the great challenges facing all businesses, both large and small, involves the subject of digital transformation. Digital technology is rapidly impacting on every aspect of business including customer experience. Customer expectations are growing as quickly as...

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Are Gamers Changing The Media Game?

In todays’ challenging world of media advertising, a new category of consumer has been identified. This highly elusive segment is skewed male, aged between 10– 30, is technically savvy and has been dubbed “the gamers”. Gamers are a group of people who enjoy the...

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How your disaster can become a PR opportunity

When you operate with a marketing mindset in the course of running your business, even a "disaster" can become a PR opportunity. And I am not suggesting we view tragedies in a mercenary fashion but rather we are mindful of story potential in the course of life...

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Creating Your 30 Second Sales Pitch

Are you truly prepared for a situation, be it in a meeting, a social gathering or literally in an elevator, when someone directs the question to you, “what do you do?” It may happen when you least expect it and the person asking may be someone you never thought you’d...

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