Blog ideas: What does the Royal Adelaide Show have in common with your customers?

I had the pleasure of chatting with Michelle Hocking and Richard Fewster about the history of the Royal Adelaide Show last night.

This event has deep roots in South Australian society and it got me thinking, how does the Royal Adelaide Show impact your customers or clients?

Around half a million people will visit The Show, so with the gates opening Friday, now is the time to think about how your business relates and how to get your WordPress blog into action.

The Royal Adelaide Show blogging challenge

The challenge with blogging is to latch onto events and trends that relate to your audience and the Royal Adelaide Show is a great one to focus on in South Australia.

Here are some starters if you are exhibiting at The Show:

  • Blog about curious, quirky or new things you’ll be exhibiting
  • Blog about special promotional times you might have planned
  • Invite clients to see you for some extra “love” at your stand – extra value, a resting spot, water, etc.
  • Beat your chest about why you believe it is important to be involved The Show
  • Highlight your competition entry (or that of a staff member) if this is relevant to your audience

Here are some starters if you are NOT exhibiting at The Show (assuming your business or service relates to these themes):

  • Tips on how to plan for and survive a Royal Adelaide Show visit with sanity
  • Tips on how to save money during a Royal Adelaide Show visit
  • Your pick of the best 5 local exhibitors
  • Reveal how The Show’s imprint on the surrounding area has forced you to be innovative if you’re a local business
  • Invite clients and prospective clients to use your product or service before/after/during a Royal Adelaide Show visit
  • Profile someone involved in the Royal Adelaide Show who is linked to your business or has inspired you
  • Do you sell firewood? Invite people to witness the wood chopping to appreciate how much work you save them
  • Is your locality represented at The Show in an interesting way

Over to you.

Why not draft a Royal Adelaide Show-influenced blog post tonight and get it out before it all goes crazy for the next 10 days?

And don’t forget to “tag” the Royal Adelaide Show in social media when you’ve published your story. If it’s good, unlike the Olympic Organising Committee, there is every chance they’ll share it on to their audiences too.

And if they do, the saying becomes true; every player wins a prize.