The ‘Answer The Public’ guide to blog content ideas

One of the greatest stumbling blocks to getting the most out of your WordPress website is coming up with blog content ideas so you can exploit the web’s best blogging system for your marketing success.

As I mentioned last week in The Google maps guide to blogging: Try a new pathway to online content, we are often too close to our organisations to see the myriad valuable content ideas just waiting to be shared.

So this week, I am sharing one of my ‘fall back’ tools that I find useful for breaking through writers’ block when trying to plan some blog content ideas on ‘low creativity days’.

Good blog content ideas should really be answering the public

Patrick Patrick search suggestions on GoogleThe tool in question is a free one called Answer The Public.

To understand how it works, open Google and start typing a word into the search box. You should then see Google suggest ways to ’round off’ your search.

For example, I typed Patrick Patrick and saw umpire, Adelaide and DJ suggested and two of them relate to my online profile!

What Answer The Public does very elegantly is allow you to start typing a keyword that relates to your product, your service, the problem you help people solve, the opportunity you help them realise, and it comes up with a raft of search phrases drawn from Google, Bing and other search engines.

I did one for espresso (it was a random word that just happened to spring to mind) and selected Australia as the target market, and this is just one of the lists of questions it came up with:

Blog content ideas visualisation wheelwhen espresso
  • when to drink espresso in italy
  • when was espresso martini invented
  • when was espresso discovered
  • when does espresso wear off
  • when does espresso expire
  • when do espresso shots expire
  • when does espresso kick in
  • when does espresso go bad
  • when is espresso done
  • when did espresso start
  • when was espresso machine invented
  • espresso when invented
  • espresso when to stop shot
  • espresso when breastfeeding
  • espresso when to start timing
  • espresso when to stop
  • espresso when to drink
  • espresso when sick
  • espresso when pregnant
  • when espresso tastes sour

As you can see, the grammar is not always perfect BUT there are ideas in this list that should surely spawn a number of blog content ideas for you if you are in the business of selling espresso.

NOTE: It offers ideas as ‘visualisations’ or ‘data’. I suggest clicking ‘data’ so you can work with lists of ideas, rather than having to crane your neck trying to read a fancy idea wheel, pictured.

Putting Answer The Public to work for you

If you are stuck and finding it hard to come up with blog content ideas at the moment, may I ask you to hop over to Answer The Public and try searching for ideas based on a keyword or two relating to your business?

If you do that, and come up with NO ideas whatsoever, please let me know because I’d be mightily surprised.

Of course, you can always do what my clients do and come in from time to time for blog content ideas generation sessions, I’d be silly not to mention that, but this week perhaps you could give this online service a go and see what idea seeds it plants.