Adding text before your telephone number in a Divi header

We know what a phone number is but why not nudge that call to action by adding text before your telephone number in your Divi website header?

Today’s post is a quick one for our clients who have the Divi framework giving structure to their WordPress websites.

If you have a look at the top of the Baker Marketing website, you will see I have inserted “call us today” before our phone number.

How to add text before your telephone number in a Divi header

The process is quite simply but it is one of those things that are a little hidden away.

How to add text to your phone numbers in Divi headerHere are the steps to follow:

  1. To to Appearance
  2. Then Customise
  3. Then Header & Navigation
  4. Then Header Elements
  5. Then insert your wording before your telephone number in the telephone field
  6. Then check in the preview to the right of the screen
  7. Then, when you are happy, click Save & Publish

The only thing to watch is to not be excessively wordy as it might cause wrapping issues on small screens.

What is delightful is that on a mobile, the phone number and email address are centred, one atop the other, making a neat, header area.

Bonus tip

Oh, our phone number is clickable in the header. The simplest way to do that is to use the Booster Plugin – the best US$19 you’ll spend if you want to tinker under the bonnet yourself. It has a one click option to make header phone numbers clickable.