Meet Our

Meet the Baker Marketing Team

There is no other outsourced marketing team like Baker Marketing that offers such heavy-duty marketing experience and expertise, from strategy through to implementation.

Strategy and research driven from the top down, Baker Marketing is run by commercially astute, experienced and expert marketers who have surrounded themselves with a team of modern day implementers, who enable client growth plans to be successfully executed.

To ensure focus and to generate the most profitable and effective sales and marketing outcomes Baker Marketing structures its team resources into the following areas of specialistation:

  • Marketing and Export Planning Team
  • Market Research Team
  • Digital & Creative Team
  • Content and SEO Team
  • Paid Ads & CRO Team

With Baker Marketing, your business will enjoy the perfect balance of hard-core marketing knowledge and experience with cutting edge tactical implementation.

Our Leadership Team

Patrick Baker

Patrick Baker



Founder and CEO of Baker Marketing since 1998, Patrick has seen it all… new technologies, new platforms, societal changes, economic upheaval, you name it, the one constant being the need to plan for and respond to change.

And as a small business owner himself, Patrick understands first hand, the importance of evolving a business in accordance with constant change.

Patrick draws upon his vast experience in sales and brand management to work closely with clients to create strategic marketing plans based on sustainable competitive advantage.

When you work with Patrick and his team, your business will be in a better position for profitable sales and brand growth.

Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell

Director Research & Strategy


Andrew is a highly experienced marketing practitioner and consultant who has managed marketing campaigns for household brand names such as Balfours, SAFCOL, West End, Bickford’s and On The Run (OTR).

Andrew’s key area of expertise is applying the insights from market research to develop evidence based marketing strategy to drive brand marketing programs.

Specialising in online research, short surveys and in-depth interviews to gain strategic competitor and customer insights, Andrew provides the strategic guidance that enables his team to create targeted content such as web pages, articles, lead magnets as well as email and ad copy.

By offering a strategic approach to content marketing, Andrew and his team help businesses to create and optimize content that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience and ultimately, drives profitable sales growth.

Steve Chapman

Manager - Digital & Creative Team


Steve is the leader of the ‘artistic’ ones on the Baker Marketing team, combining his creative visual talents with a realistic and pragmatic approach to the art of persuasion.

Competitive by nature, Steve loves nothing better, once receiving a brief, than to review the work from near competitors, and then leave them for dust, in terms of superior outcomes.

Heading up a team of enthusiastic and talented graphic designers and web developers, Steve’s experience and cool head under pressure generates results that not only please clients, but also appeal to audiences across multiple customer profiles and industries.

Key to Baker Marketing’s success as a digital marketing service provider, is the way Steve ensures that his team work closely to brief and in unison with the content creation team, to provide powerful visual imagery to support and enhance persuasive messaging.

Sharon Thomas

Manager – Content & SEO Team


Sharon is a highly skilled digital marketing practitioner with a wide range of experience across multiple industries.

A first-class copywriter with technical skills in areas such as social media, web-pages, e-commerce and email marketing, Sharon understands the importance of using research as a foundation for creating powerful, results generating content.

In fact, Sharon firmly believes that her success as a digital marketer can, to a large degree, be attributed to the attention she pays to researching her audience before writing a single word of copy.

Under the masterful guidance of Andrew, Sharon manages her energetic and enthusiastic team of researchers and content creators to help grow brands in a digital world.

Sadie Schultz

Manager - Paid Ads & CRO Team


Sadie works closely with Patrick in the development of sales conversion strategies for Baker Marketing clients.

In doing so, Sadie draws upon her digital media expertise across multiple platforms including Google and Facebook.

A wizard at testing and measuring using key metrics, Sadie’s skill at conversion rate optimisation helps ensure that Baker Marketing’s clients enjoy a positive ROI for their digital advertising dollar.

Sadie and her small team of digital ads and CRO specialists work closely together to achieve profitable sales results across media budgets both large and small.

The Baker Marketing Team

Marketing and Export Planning Team

As experienced marketing strategists without peer in South Australia, Patrick and Andrew combine their talents to take on the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to strategic planning for both domestic and export markets.

Once the strategic foundations have been laid to ensure long term, sustainable brand growth, Patrick and Andrew work with Sharon and Sadie to create marketing action plans that incorporate the most appropriate and up to date use of digital marketing platforms and brand communication techniques.

Where clients require assistance from Baker Marketing with the execution of marketing action plans, Sadie and Sharon work with their respective teams to bring marketing plans to life, tracking performance to ensure clients get the best value for their marketing investment.

Market Research Team

Nobody has more knowledge about or passion for market research than Andrew, our director of research and strategy. Andrew’s extensive research experience comes as both user and practitioner.

Having moderated over 500 focus groups with Dr. Mike Sexton as his mentor and associate, Andrew has mastered the art of motivational analysis, the key to understanding consumer purchase behaviour.

As a brand marketer, Andrew has project managed countless qualitative and quantitative market research programs, from ad hoc, explorative research to the formation of sophisticated brand health tracking programs.

Andrew works closely with Sharon and Sadie and their team members, to deliver strategy building information for use in-house as a part of Baker Marketing’s evidence based approach to marketing, or for clients, to assist with informed decision making.

The research team delivers a wide range of work from desk top research using the latest apps and technology,  through to primary information gathering via in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Digital & Creative Team

Baker Marketing’s digital and creative team is managed by Steve Chapman who oversees both senior and junior graphic designers and web developers.

Steve has the unique ability to flick on his technical switch and work with his website developers to deliver the latest in ecommerce sites and marketing platforms such as email delivery programs to help attract hungry buyers to the websites he and his team create.

Then his next meeting will be with his graphics team, where he’ll flick his switch to creative and review design work for logos, websites, brochures, presentation documents and packaging.

Steve manages a unique group of creative people, both technical and artistic, who actually read briefs and even more profoundly, use them as foundational direction.

Content and SEO Team

For clients who prefer organic lead generation as opposed to paid advertising, targeted and optimized content is key. With our research guru by her side, Sharon manages her content and SEO team with only one thing on her mind, tangible results for Baker Marketing clients.

All content created by Sharon and her team is part of a bigger plan, a plan that has been created using insights from keyword research and other online spying (ethical) techniques, to achieve results, no matter how competitive the market.

Sharon understands the importance of creating content that is perceived to be valuable by the targeted reader, so her team of writers, be they digital, social or traditional media specialists, write to inform, educate and entertain.

As with all the Baker Marketing teams, interaction is the norm and the content team, being writers of persuasive copy, B2B and B2C, work closely with the Research and the Paid Ads and CRO teams in particular.

Paid Ads & CRO Team

When clients are paying money for digital advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook and YouTube, then conversion rate optimization (CRO) or try the old-fashioned term (ROI), is key.

Digital advertising can get you fast results, but it can also get you fast losses if not managed carefully by experienced and dedicated online advertising specialists.

Sadie, with our sales guru Patrick by her side, manages a team of metric maniacs, who live and breathe online advertising using terms such as PPC, CPV, CPC, CTR, CRM, e-CPM & LCV as though their lives depended on them.

What all these terms really refer to is the testing and measuring the team implements to help ensure a positive result for the only metric that clients really care about, ROI.

Fast turn-around feedback, with the content/copywriting team closely involved, really epitomises the integrated and coordinated approach that you only get, from Baker Marketing.

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