Patrick Baker

Patrick Baker is the Managing Director of Baker Marketing.


  • Overall business management
  • Delivery of workshops and seminars and strategic consulting services

Key Industry Experience:

  • Brand marketing and marketing management experience in the food and beverage, healthcare and animal health industries
  • Sales management experience in the healthcare and animal health industries
  • Consulting experience in various industries and product categories
  • Hands on experience as co-director and operator of small winery focussing on export markets.

Patrick Baker has held marketing and branding roles in large multinationals as well as South Australian based companies such as:

  • Merck Sharpe & Dohme (pharmaceutical products), Sydney, Australia
  • Hoechst (animal health products), Melbourne, Australia
  • Faulding (medical and health and beauty products), Adelaide, Australia
  • Dairy Vale Foods (food and beverage products), Adelaide, Australia.


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Business Administration majoring in marketing


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