7 Quick Wins in Digital Marketing – yield the best results and fast!

 Digital Marketing – 7 Quick Wins for fast results!

 If you had just a few hours to review the marketing effectiveness of your website . . . where would you start?? Digital Marketing – 7 Quick Wins for fast results refers to inbound marketing to boost leads, visits, and driving a sales focus that is short-term and whilst still having in mind longer-term initiatives.

Similar to life in general, success is often a compilation of dozens if not a hundred little components that work together to achieve a goal, in this case, being measurable successful marketing results.

At Baker Marketing we understand that Digital Marketing can feel like an endless and ever changing environment – and well it is, there are over 200 ranking factors and consistent algorithmic changes and you have to ensure your website’s performing well across multiple fronts.

Whether you are a large or small business, and no matter how big or small your budget is, or how many different channels you use, potential customers are judging you and will be making decisions based on the information you present to them (or not).

There are lots of quick fixes and some small changes that you can make quite easily that can have a tremendous impact and help you achieve higher rankings – to make it easier for you we have listed 7 of them here.

Here is a collection of quick win marketing ideas you can apply to your digital marketing today.


1. Are your images too large for your website and slowing it down?

Simply by reducing the size of your images, you can boost your ranking. In determining your website’s ranking among many of Google’s factors (and there are many), the speed at which your site loads is very important.

In many websites, if there are large picture files it is a common reason for slowing the site’s performance down. An amateur web administrator may just upload images without reducing them first.

Downsizing images is a step that should be implemented which requires a little time in Photoshop in order to reduce their dimensions to the space that they’ll occupy on your website and save them to be the lowest resolution JPEG as you can without sacrificing quality

2. Check Robots.txt file

What exactly is robots.txt?

The robots.txt file is a simple text file (no HTML), which must be placed in your root directory, for example, http://www.example.com/robots.txt

Each time a search engine spider comes to your website, the spider will always hunt for a special file on your website and that file is called robots.txt and it indicates to the search engine spider, which web pages of your website should be indexed and crawled as well as the web pages that should be ignored.

The specific location, (must be in the root directory,) this location for the robot file is very important or user agents (search engines) will not be able to find it.

This may sound simple but it is a very common error on sites which have encountered blocking of important web pages. Review the robots.txt file to make sure that none of your important pages are being blocked. Obviously, if there is content on your site that is being blocked by these bots then it has next to no chance of ranking and you may wish run a scan through such as screaming frog to see if your website has important pages that exhibit no index commands on them. Removing these defects can have a huge impact on a page’s visibility and ranking

3. Ensure you have Added Google Tag Manager.

The digital marketing space continues to evolve, and as such, you’ll need to hide more codes, pixels, and tags on your site to facilitate re-targeting and other tactics you may choose to deploy. It is best to avoid messing around with your sites code every time and add the single Google Tag Manager code on your site, then manage all the plugins from there. This is both simpler to maintain and Tag Manager can assist in also hiding your pixels’ specific (or even confidential) account numbers.

Other website quick tips:

  • Make sure your “About us/ Meet the team” pages are up to date with current information and recent pictures
  • Make sure your telephone number on your website’s home page is highly visible
  • Add customer testimonials to your website (plus one or two on your home page)
  • Sometimes less is more: Is each landing page as lean as it could be?
  • Consider adding a heat map to your website to see where people are clicking on your website

4. Quick Wins via Link building

  • Submit your website to all your local supplier directories
  • Submit your website to your industry’s niche directories
  • Identify your industry social bookmarking websites & submit
  • Contact a thought leader in your industry for an interview (which they will then share as well)
  • Conduct research into a hot subject to generate shareable and link worthy content
    5. Quick Win’s using Social Media
  • If you have not done so already, register your brand name across the major social media websites no matter whether you will use them right now or not.
  • Use a consistent name for all of them (e.g. twitter.com/panda, facebook.com/panda…)
  • Write a strong and compelling biography across platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin among others
  • Add links for readers to sign up to your social media profiles as well
  • Make it easy for people to share with a “share this” button

6. Quick Wins and Analytics

  • Check regularly specific pages and which have the highest bounce rate, find out why and aim to fix it.
  • Identify the different websites referring you traffic and endeavor to develop the relationship further.
  • So you can understand what people are looking for on your website use the “search keyword” data. Once you know the most popular searches, gear each page to feature these more prominently on your website.
  • Create markers and set up connections to see where people are leaving your website and identify leakage issue.
  • If you have a Google Adwords account link it for a complete picture of what your traffic is doing post-click.


7. Quick Wins for Content Marketing

  • Consider Installing a popup free List Builder plugin such as Sumo Me or Icegram. Both are great in their own way and offer on the various features – Get some quick email wins on your content with an email signup popup.
  • Signup for HARO , this is a great tool for creating interesting and well informed content.
  • Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is an online service set up for journalists to quickly gather feedback from the public. It is designed to enable journalists to connect with people who have expertise or experience in particular issues, so that journalists can obtain valuable advice and quotes for stories they are covering.

Grab content ideas and find out industry trends with HARO requests.

  • Find pages in your navigation that get less visits and remove
  • Promote a page that’s popular but not in the navigation to super charge its performance.
  • Turn a FAQ into unique blog post ideas

There’s always a list of questions you get asked over and over — turn them into blog posts.

In summary, if you implement these 7 Quick Wins for Digital Marketing today, you are guaranteed to see an improvement in the performance of your website from an SEO perspective.7 Quick Wins for Digital Marketing today, you are guaranteed to see an improvement in the performance of your website from an SEO perspective.

Of course, there are many other things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your website and I look forward to sharing some more idea with you in my next post.

Please leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on this blog on quick wins for digital marketing and any topics you may like covered in future posts.