5 Tips To Make Your Blog Post Title Work For You

Making Your Blog Post Title Stand Out

Your content marketing strategy is still one of the most profitable activities you can do for your business. Not only will your blog drive traffic to your website, increase social shares and search results, but it will also expand your online presence organically and create long-term lead generation opportunities.

Sounds simple, but in an era of vast competition and ever-changing search engine optimisation configurations, you have to find a way to stand out in an overcrowded content marketing world. And writing catchy headlines is one fun and straightforward way you can achieve this.

Working in the realm of ‘SEO Adelaide’, we know that what catches the eye, and interest of people, is the blog post title. It needs to be clickable and irresistible, not only suitable for search engines!

Boring or standard won’t cut it. Which is why your SEO strategy should include title templates and monthly reports on which headlines gained the most clicks and traffic.

Think about the hundreds of blog titles on social media or the many headlines that turn up in your inbox daily; how many of those post titles stand out and catch your eye?

When you have thousands of people searching for businesses on Google every day, people who are using search terms that relate to your products and services, the biggest question on any content marketers mind is – “How can I ensure that my blog or site appears in a Google Search ahead of my competitors?’

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What can make your blog headlines stand out from the rest? What will make your blog a social sharing phenomenon? Read more to find out.

Tip 1 – Irresistible Blog Post Titles

Google search results appear, as pages full of responses to your request fill the page.

How does your blog post title stand out from the rest and get clicked on? First, it has to let people know your blog is what they are looking for. That it will answer their question and provide the information they are seeking.

Written with the ‘Who will read’ it in mind. Your title’s sole purpose is to be memorable and appealing.

Imagine you are struggling at work, and thinking about a new job, would these catchy title examples draw your attention?

  1. Are They Being Promoted Right Over Your Head?
  2. How a “Fool Stunt” Made Me a Star Salesman
  3. Last Friday…Was I Scared! – My Boss Almost Fired Me!

You need to let your readers know you have written your blog for them to read.

Tip 2 – Short And Sweet Does It for Searchers and SEO Experts

The days of long titles are gone; scannable, quick reads are what is wanted. The art is to provide a compelling reason to read your post. When you are considering your blog title ideas keep an eye on the number of words & the characters you use. Around 55-71 characters and 5-10 words are helpful for search engines and satisfying to the reader’s eye.

With social media, you could push your blog post title to be a little longer. As long as you utilise your keyword correctly, and put some passion into it. Strong emotions, positive or negative, produce results. Aim to shock or induce curiosity.

Tip 3 – Your SEO Strategy Covers Your Content and Blog Titles

Of course, you know you have to optimise the content of your blog if you want to be found in search engine result pages. However, have you thought to utilise your blog post title? Yes, this sounds obvious but is also often forgotten. Aim to include the keyword near the front of the title. This way the search engines and your prospective readers can find it easily.

Tip 4 – Make People Want To Read More With Catchy Titles

The crux of the matter is, will they or won’t they click to read more?

Something that can slip by in your pursuit of the perfect SEO strategy is attention to grammar. It might not be necessary for Google, but it unquestionably is to the readers. Your blog post title is the first thing that will be read; if the grammar is bad, then it will get passed over. The same can be said for using special characters, some work and some don’t.


  • Exclamation marks ‘!’ – To make the reader excited about the content.
  • Single dash, ‘-’ to separate words in the headline.
  • Colon or semicolon – use to separate and emphasise.


Don’t Use:

  • Ampersands (&) confuses the browser and can make your post URL error out.
  • ‘At’ (@) symbol, this also can confuse the browser due to its use in email addresses.
  • Greater and lower than symbols (<>) these are used as tags in computer language and may again cause an error reading your title.

Create a sense of urgency in your blog post title, make your reader want to read now. When considering your blog title, use ‘how to’ and include the words ‘quick’ or ‘secret’, words that grab the attention. Also useful are timely phrases, such as ‘in 2018’, ‘this month’. Plus, numbers and catchy adjectives are proven to catch the eye.

Tip 5 – Make Your Blog Post Title Reflect What The Post is Saying

Too often writers tend to create a catchy title like ‘10 Myth Busting Secrets About Going To The Dentist’, and then the blog goes on to discuss implants. This misdirection is not the way to go to get more readers, subscribers or shares! It’s not just about getting clicks but turning them into readers and potential clients. Give your title clarity and direction, not misdirection.

When it Comes to SEO in Adelaide We Know The Value Of Blog Post Titles

And now you do too.

Like with almost any job or activity that we take on, it is the last 10% of the work that takes 90% of the time to complete.

When we get inspired to write something, it may be tempting to try to name it immediately. However, by completing your content piece and then creating blog title templates to ensure they are optimised for clickability, you can give yourself an edge over your competition by ensuring your headline stands out above the competition.

There are many ways to write something but to make it stand out from the crowd takes a little more time and effort. Using these tips you will find your blog post titles will make a significant impact on your clicks. Try them and see. Or check out Steve’s blog discussing 3 Powerful Reasons for Using Odd Numbered Lists in Your Blog Post Titles