3 marketing updates for Facebook: Live from planet Moon

facebook-moon-planet-starOn the fast spinning planet, or star, or moon of Earth, if you’re using your WordPress website to blog and Facebook Page for sharing those blogs, I have some insights to absorb into your marketing atmosphere.

These are all simple but easily overlooked.

I’m talking about:

  • Remembering to use Facebook
  • Remembering your manners on Facebook
  • Remembering to use video on Facebook

Let’s blast off.

Remembering to use Facebook

We’ve all been there, especially those of us with small businesses and no plan or dedicated staff driving the marketing.

Every now and then you wake up and realise you have not visited or posted anything to your Facebook Page for days or weeks on end.

Research from the Pew Research Center shows that Facebook was the only social network where engagement of users increased in 2014.

In fact, the survey shows 70 per cent of internet users interact with Facebook daily, with a long gap between it and the rest of the pack.

This means that if you have fallen for the occasional news stories about Facebook dying, you could be hurting your marketing efforts.

Remembering your manners of Facebook

I’ve heard a raft of sorry tales recently about online discussions that turned into arguments, then rants, then vicious mud slinging matches.

Such behaviour is bad enough when in your ‘civilian’ persona but when you are wearing your marketing hat it is worth remembering this (something I hope my kids will recall one day as ‘something my dad used to say’):

Very few issues are worth an unrelenting tit-for-tat online brawl, and if you think they are, then they are definitely worth taking offline for a face to face conversation. The passion will come and go, the words will stay online forever.

As marketers, we need to always be the ones who take the high road.

Because we’ve been brave enough to craft public thoughts, we become targets for fun and some good, old-fashioned ribbing from time to time.

As with anything else is business, it is always best to keep one eye on the long game so you can choose battles carefully.

On this front, my advice remains the same as it has since 2006: If someone is stirring you, laugh along and then move on. If they are spreading untruths, then correct the record politely, with objective proof. If they are complaining publicly, acknowledge their pain and/or confusion and make immediate arrangements for talking directly. Many a strong brand advocate has come from the latter action.

Remembering to use video on Facebook

You are hopefully blogging regularly, producing content that is valuable to your clients and customers, yourself and your coworkers, and the marketplace itself.

You are also hopefully sharing links to your blog posts on your Facebook pages, with unique introductions to lure us to click through to ready your wisdom.

What you are possibly not doing is experimenting with video.

At the time of writing, uploading unique video to your Facebook page is getting an enormous boost in organic (unpaid for) exposure in people’s news feeds.

It might be time to consider or chat with one of my colleagues about the value of exploring this option now. The setup and system does not need to be expensive but can be enormously effective when done with purpose.

I know the concept might sound harder than landing on Mars for some people, but there is an infinite universe of concepts and content you can explore, the trick is remembering that when you pre-record, you can actually stop and start again if you get lost in space, like these shopping channel hosts from you know where …