Keeping Your Digital Marketing Strategy Real in a Fake, Fake World!

How do you create an authentic digital marketing strategy in a world shrouded in fakery? We have landed in an era where Donald Trump used social media to help him become the president of America, where your value is measured by how many people ‘like’ and where you can also buy a list of so-called people to ‘like’ you!

Digital marketing has become a channel where almost anything goes, so how does your company define its digital marketing strategy amongst this fakery? How do you promote yourself with authenticity and how do you turn this promotion into revenue for your business?

This blog presents 3 digital marketing strategy opportunities that you can use to remain faithful to your business, be relevant in your consumer’s mind, all the while increasing the number of qualified leads for your sales team.


Digital Marketing Strategy 1: Recycling and Refreshing Content


As marketing consultants, we regularly find that the majority of businesses are unable to keep up with the amount of content required by their own digital marketing strategy to create their desired engaging customer experience.

When you get busy and don’t have a content management plan, the fake world starts to creep in. You inevitably end up doing one of two things;

  1. You don’t create any content at all or
  2. You put out whatever comes to mind quickly, e.g. copy someone else’s content you have seen recently

Recycling and refreshing your old, successful content is a much better solution to this problem. It is readily available, you know it’s relevant to your customers and you can make it even better by translating it into a more exciting format.


Top 5 ways to Recycle and Reinvigorate Your Existing Content

  1. Turn Blogs into videos
  2. Turn Blogs into infographics
  3. Turn Blogs into e-books
  4. Turn Blogs into checklists
  5. Turn Blogs into webinars

Share this new content across:

  • Your Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • SlideShare
  • YouTube


Take this example from Eckermann’s; a conveyancing company who had a lot of written content collateral. They decided to make part of their digital marketing strategy about optimising the customer experience by turning blog content into videos.

They also used data-driven marketing by looking into their site’s analytics to choose the most engaging content in written form and then set that content into another compelling format to enhance the digital experience.



Digital Marketing Strategy 2: Automation


Brands have always created content that is relevant to the biggest common denominator. Creating content that appeals to their target audience in a broad sense. Now, brands must tailor content to the types of information people search for. You get extra points if your digital marketing strategy can segment your audience and market to different groups in a tailored and personalised way.

Digital marketing automation is software that delivers highly targeted, personalised content to your customers in a timely and efficient manner. There are endless software opportunities available for you to choose from in order to manage your marketing automation. However, what I thought would be more useful is before you settle on a particular software program consider these points:


  • How do you want to use marketing automation?
  • How will you segment your list of leads to enhance marketing personalisation?
  • What type of content do you want to automate?

Segment your email database into different lists, for example:

  • New customers
  • Existing customers
  • Customers that haven’t purchased for a long time
  • Demographics and interests


Rather than blasting all of your customers with the same content, you can use digital marketing automation and your recycled content to set up and deliver a sequence that is personalised for your target audience.

Here is an example of a simple sequence for a new customer:


  1. Email your new customers to download a checklist, e.g. ‘What to pack for a family holiday.’
  2. Send a thank you note to everyone who downloaded your offer
  3. Send a follow-up email to the people who downloaded your checklist and offer them a downloadable eBook, e.g. ’How to plan a perfect family holiday.’
  4. Send a thank you note to everyone who downloaded your offer
  5. Finally, send an email offer with a promotional code or voucher to prompt them to book
  6. Send a thank you email for booking


This process is designed to reach your customer at every stage of their buying cycle including Awareness, Consideration, Close & Loyalty.


Example of Marketing Automation Sequence – Just Set and Forget!



digital marketing strategy


From the customers perspective they have received messages that are targeted to their interests and actions and you, as a company, are giving your customers the information, they need, when they want it, increasing your chances of conversion.

Read more about Marketing Automation in our guide here or decide if marketing automation is worth the investment or committment for you here.


Digital Marketing Strategy 3: Full Funnel Facebook Advertising


Using Facebook in your digital marketing strategy is one of the most advanced forms of remarketing you can get your hands on. As with marketing automation, you can use Facebook advertising to get away from the hard sell and use your authentic content to reach your customers with the right content at the right time.


Here is an example of a simple sequence for a new customer:


  • Define your target market that you are looking to reach, e.g. Females 30 – 45 who are married with children and interested in travel or upload a list from your database of customers who haven’t purchased from you.
  • Awareness – use video content to introduce your brand and expertise to the target audience, e.g. walk-through of your resort or customer testimonials
  • Consideration – create a new audience made up of people who watched your video and target them with a campaign to download a piece of content, e.g. ’How to plan a perfect family holiday’ blog or eBook
  • Close – create a new audience made up of people who visited your website and target them with an offer to prompt them to book
  • Loyalty – Send a thank you email to anyone who redeemed the offer


You can create multiple sequences for all your segmented lists of customers which will ensure that they are receiving personalised content that is relevant to them, significantly increasing the chance that they will convert and remain a loyal, long-term customer.


When it Comes to Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Keep It Real!


In a world that appears on the surface to reward companies that present a flawless mask, understand that fake marketing is unlikely to be building loyal relationships or drive sales. Being authentic when you create your digital marketing strategy will provide longevity and loyalty to your brand.

Instead, produce interesting, entertaining and informative, authentic content that is relevant to your target market and meets them where they are. This inbound marketing approach to digital is becoming more relevant in every aspect of online marketing.

In doing this, you will stay true to your brand values and encourage your customers to take off their mask and enjoy the lovely breath of fresh air.



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