Creating Your 30 Second Sales Pitch

Are you truly prepared for a situation, be it in a meeting, a social gathering or literally in an elevator, when someone directs the question to you, “what do you do?” It may happen when you least expect it and the person asking may be someone you never thought you’d ever meet, so not being prepared may represent a very great lost opportunity.

Now it’s important to realise that the person asking what is it that you do? Doesn’t really care what you do. What they are really asking is “what can you do for me?”

What they are really seeking are solutions which will transform their lives in some way shape or form.

So the answer you come up with really doesn’t have much to do with you at all, but rather them.

How can you take them further towards a desired outcome or further away from an undesirable situation?

This is one of the most fundamental principles of marketing, whereby the focus of your messaging needs to be on your market and not you.

So having said that, let’s proceed with a formula to help you create your 30 second sales pitch.

The foundation for the construction of your 30 second sales pitch will be your positioning strategy, the blue print that specifies your target market and how you wish to be uniquely perceived by that market.

The framework for your 30 second sales pitch is created by answering these five questions,

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who is it you help?
  3. What is their biggest problem?
  4. What do you do to help them?
  5. How is their life transformed as a result?

To give you an example, as a Marketing Consultant with Baker Marketing, I would answer these questions in the following way;

  1. My name is Andrew Bell and I’m a consultant with Baker Marketing, an Adelaide based team of marketing experts that…
  2. Help small business owners who…
  3. Need to access the marketing expertise that will…
  4. Help grow their businesses in a strategic and sustainable manner so that…
  5. They can focus more on running their business without the cost and time associated with employing full time marketing people.

This approach to creating a 30 second sales pitch works because it;

  1. Briefly introduces yourself
  2. Identifies a specific type of person ( your primary target market)
  3. You’ve addressed their BIG problems, what motivates people to take action and get help (your help).
  4. You’ve explained, in a very concise way, how you work with people. This way they “get” what you do in a way that makes sense and isn’t confusing.
  5. You’ve talked about the specific RESULTS (profitable business growth) that they want and also what they are trying to avoid ( cost and hassle of managing internal marketing people)

In essence, you’ve answered the question, “what’s in it for me if I deal with you?” in a manner that’s consistent with your brand positioning strategy.

Now, here’s what you need to do…

  • Create your own 30 second sales spiel by answering the five questions above
  • Practice it until it rolls smoothly off your tongue
  • Try it at the next chance you get
  • Observe the reaction you get

If you need help creating your 30 second sales pitch, your perfect offer, your positioning strategy, market research or any other strategic marketing support, please call Baker Marketing on 8352 3091.


Image: Oresund business meeting Kristen Deppert by News Oresund via Flickr. CC BY 2.0



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