How to Build Your Personal Branding?

As the world expands, so do businesses and consumers expectations.

Next add in the level of ever growing competition.

For many professional service providers, small to medium business owners, start-ups or companies with prominent leaders, it becomes critical to narrow your brand focus on great leadership, developing customer loyalty, devoted employees and aligning a strategic plan in a fast-paced digital age.

One cannot afford to overlook the integration of personal branding with company vision.

There are endless examples such as Richard Branson, Michael Jordan among others, but let us first take a look at a South Australian example, such as Maggie Beer. As mentioned on her own website “The Maggie Beer brand identity is well established in the gourmet food industry being intrinsically linked to the reputation, history and ongoing activities of Maggie, the person.”

People like a sense of predictability – this is certainly true in relation to marketing and creating a fabric of consistency. The reality is that if you want a strong personal brand then you need to keep a promise and be a role model.

Branding is not merely a corporate function but something that also applies to every person with a reputation.

So how do I align my brand and persona?

Brand clarity is gained through research. Ask your customers, prospects, partners, analysts and vendors to define your personal brand attributes or strengths.

Then, to gain full benefit of your personal brands strengths, ask “am I consistently demonstrating these qualities?”

The people you touch in daily life, can turn into your most significant group of influencers if handled correctly.

Which “hats” we wear in life change depending on the time and with whom – whether we are at work, out with friends or even parenting can vary our messaging focus. In relation to marketing and personal branding these “hats” become essential to define, and a level of mastery for some degree of uniform conduct is required so you do not confuse your audiences.

Is personal branding helping your business grow and supporting your marketing goals?

A good way to look at this objectively is to consider taking a helicopter view. Try to embrace all the communication outputs. If a consumer can search you and your company, then ask yourself. “Do they fit together? “

Does your communication style, your website look and feel, the way you dress, right down to the manner you answer the phone . . . does it match up with your other messages?

For example, would a lawyer with a sharp corporate blue and white logo, located in a top end of town high-rise office, wear gym clothes to work? I think not.

If your personal and company messages can integrate and begin to create even small patterns of repetition and recognition, then these will assist in anchoring your place in the market and echo your business marketing initiatives.

People buy from people at the end of the day and this needs to be genuine.

For example, consider an employee and their social media outputs. A lawyer attending a legal function awards night, posting a high-quality photo and writing an article for Linkedin on the insights gained from such an environment, would be considered a step in the right direction to brand integration.

In contrast, an employee Facebook posts at an after awards party looking slightly disheveled are not going to support your professional ethos.

Personal branding can appear to be a self-centered approach to work, when in fact, it’s an avenue of self-empowerment. Having choices gives you a feeling of control over your destiny and sense of clarity in your work. You can demonstrate being pro-active when you develop a strong personal brand, that can help you grow over the course of your career and ultimately serves the people you work with.

If you need assistance in integrating your own personal brand or would like to discuss how you can improve your company and employees personal branding, Baker Marketing Team is experienced in this area to assist you.

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