The power of ideas and images: The Vulnerability Series

Brussels-based, Syrian ­painter Abdalla Omari, has managed to use the power of ideas and images to grab a slice of attention for his message.

Attention is the most sought-after resource in the world of marketing because without it, we have little chance of potential customers or clients developing interest and desire and then taking action.

Abdalla has achieved this feat by re-imagining world leaders as asylum seekers and this simple mind game is breathtaking.

The power of ideas and images can begin with a simple thought

For Abdalla, his source of inspiration was his anger at the way world leaders were characterising displaced people, as if they were of a different species.

As a displaced person himself, he channelled that anger by using art to forge a human connection between the plight of millions of people and the leaders who hold sway over their destiny.

By showing powerful figures in states of helplessness, Abdalla used a simple idea to create an a-ha moment for viewers:

If that is what Donald Trump and co look like when displaced, those “pathetic” figures we see in news coverage might also have “fallen” from normal routines of life that the rest of us enjoy.

And the beautiful thing about ideas and images is that when they strike a nerve, it is hard to forget them; they persist, ready for recall well into the future.

How will you harness the power of ideas and images?

From a marketing perspective, The Vulnerability Series sets us a challenge.

Is there something in the lives of your prospective clients or customers that is causing deep concern or frustration, or is there something hotly coveted?

If so, explore how you might re-imagine the way people think about or interact with such problems or desires.

Can you offer clarity in a world of confusion? Can you tip our conventional wisdom on its head and help us see something anew?

Investing in some time to think deeply about such connections can be invaluable, and often it is one of the things that emerges from going through a disciplined, strategic planning process, such as our Fast Track Marketing Plan session.

Why hadn’t we seen work like Abdalla from cartoonists and others in the media and political systems?

Quite possibly because they are too close.

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes from an outsider’s perspective, to illuminate what was before us all along.

The Vulnerability Series is one of the exhibitions currently underway at Ayyam Gallery, Dubai.


Image: Donald by Abdalla Omari via Instagram.




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