MailChimp WordPress plugin updates: Let the monkey shake your hand

As you do your routine updates of WordPress plugins, please pay special attention to notices appearing in some websites this week, alerting you to changes in this round of MailChimp WordPress plugin updates.

In particular, if your site is running MailChimp for WordPress by Ibericode, it had been updated to “shake hands” with Mailchimp more securely.

The process is not difficult but some clients have contacted me, a little confused by the notice.

Thankfully, all you need to do is have a look through these notes and then continue with the update so you can continue having a happy monkey overseeing your email/website connections for you.

MailChimp WordPress plugin update: It’s all about security

In essence, Mailchimp has released a new version of its API, which is the protocol plugins and websites use for connecting with your Mailchimp account.

At the end of this year, the old API will be turned off, so now is the time to upgrade your MailChimp WordPress plugins as they role out revised versions.

If you just have MailChimp for WordPress operating at a simple level, these changes will be inconsequential to you.

If you have more levels of complexity in your set up such as splitting subscribers to various groups and having a custom welcome email loaded in your plugin, you’ll need to read this guide to the changes.

As always, react promptly to changes and updates in the WordPress ecosystem and stay a step ahead of the hackers, spammers and other “bad guys”.


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