Digital Marketing Audit for Tourism Operators


Is it too hard for tourists to find you online?

Are your current digital marketing efforts reaching the right potential customers locally, interstate and overseas? Is it easy for them to find you online via Google, Social Media, TripAdvisor or other travel booking sites, even if they don’t know you exist? Or are you pushing your digital content in front of the right people and/or out to the right geographic markets?

Our team can help. We’ll identify gaps and offer actionable advice to get your digital marketing growing.

In short, we can make it easier for both you and your potential tourists. Our Digital Marketing Audit is the first step…

Why does digital marketing matter?

Consumers use search engines to make decisions a lot. As in 1 trillion searches per year. With so much attention focused online, getting your digital marketing ‘right’ is more important than ever.

At the core of your digital marketing you need a solid website with the right content for both the search engines and your potential clients. While we don’t know who is looking for us, when it comes to destination tourism we do know what they are looking for (in other words, the keywords). Armed with this knowledge, we can make sure our digital presence is targeting the right things. This enables us to capture your prospects’ attention during their decision making cycle, whenever it happens, anytime of the day or year.

But digital marketing is not just about websites — the online marketing mix is bigger than that. Social media, for example, is counting more and more towards your ‘digital reputation’ with Google and other SEO platforms. With review sites including Yelp and TripAdvisor gaining ever more popularity and clout with tourists as well, managing your holistic digital presence is key to creating and growing a digital footprint for real-world success.

How our digital marketing audit works…

After you answer a few simple questions we’ll jump into the shoes of your primary and secondary target markets and conduct an audit of your existing digital marketing to see what’s working and what needs improvement.

We’ll then summarise the top 5 key priorities, with recommendations of the next steps you need to take to grow your sales.

Digital Marketing AuditThe offer:

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