Is your PR tied in with the rest of your marketing?

A 7 News story on a new invention called the Food Sniffer caught my attention recently as I was pottering around in the kitchen.

This case study captures perfectly the importance of reaching consumers across different touch points, and making sure you have a cohesive, comprehensive marketing approach to communicating with your prospects.

The Food Sniffer is a device that provides analysis on food in your fridge, helping you determine what’s safe to consume and what should be discarded. Now, my fridge management skills leave much to be desired. So as soon as I heard about Food Sniffer, I had a list of questions running through my mind:

How much does it cost? How does it work? Where can I buy one?
My next step? You guessed right: I intuitively turned to Google, so that I could find their website!
Usually, after performing a Google Search, I do a mental check to make sure Google has led me to the right results, not something else which just happens to have the same name.
Food Sniffer helped me out here by having a paid ad running, which was the first thing I saw. The brilliance of Food Sniffer’s paid Google ad was that it simplified and shortened the search process for me. It not only led me to the right website, but confirmed and assured me that I had found the exact right thing “as seen on Seven News”:
Food Sniffer AdWords
I was impressed!
When I got to their website, guess what I saw on the homepage? A videoclip of the Seven News segment introducing the product, reinforcing the message I had received earlier. On social media, the Food Sniffer Facebook post on 7 News Queensland attracted 245k views, 2.8k comments and 762 shares. It was also shared on other 7 News pages interstate, generating further publicity for Food Sniffer:
Food Sniffer Facebook

However, here’s where I think they could’ve done better. A search for Food Sniffer on Facebook led me to a company page with only 8 likes, Vietnamese text, and no interaction. Imagine how much more the company would’ve achieved out of their PR dollar if they had put in place proper social media infrastructure across different platforms to prepare for the surge in traffic!

It pays to invest in marketing strategy and planning

The case study above demonstrates the powerful impact of having marketing activities that leverage on each other.

Earned media is the media attention you are getting because of what others are saying about you, but having a plan to capitalise on it is just as important. Leveraging the attention you are getting, no matter who’s efforts have caused it, will make your marketing budget stretch even further!

The case also shows that crafting a well-rounded marketing strategy is a foundational marketing investment for business growth. At Baker Marketing, we stress to our clients the importance of crafting a strategic marketing plan, as well as planning activity schedules across PR, digital, sales and other areas.

What? You don’t have a Marketing Plan?

If your business doesn’t have a marketing plan, chances are your marketing investment is not optimised. Contact us right away if you’d like us to do an audit with you.
We can also help with PR activityGoogle AdWords (Search Engine Marketing) and social media – all you need to do is get in touch.



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