WordPress 4.4: A picture saves a thousand seconds

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Steve Davis shoots espresso and uploads with gay abandon, knowing WordPress will treat it responsively

You will see WordPress 4.4 awaiting your update action this week.

This version has been anticipated because the teams of coders in the WordPress ecosystem have been busy revisiting all the foundations of functionality.

I will look at some of the new features over the next few weeks, if they relate to you, my fellow marketing blogger.

Today, I would like to highlight the change to the way WordPress handles images because it will give our sites all the ‘nip and tuck’ they need to look good and perform well.

Responsive images in WordPress 4.4

In his technical overview of image features in WordPress 4.4, Joe McGill from the core WordPress team, goes into detail about how version 4.4 adds native responsive image support.

It does this by including “srcset” and “sizes” attributes to the coding generated around images on your site.

What this means is for you is best captured if I paraphrase Joe:

WordPress automatically creates several sizes of each image you upload. Then, by showing browsers the range of image sizes available, they can automatically download the most appropriate size and ignore the others, potentially saving bandwidth for you and speeding up page load times for your visitors.

This feature is good for web hygeine and will be considered kindly by Google because it does look at load times for web pages when considering how highly to share links in search results.

The even better news is there is nothing you need to do to capitalise, it all happens ‘under the hood’.

Perhaps that is reason enough to get that phone out and start taking some more images as part of your ‘media habit’ this week?




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