ExpressCurate and WordPress 4.4: Not so fast, buddy

expresscurate wordpress 4.4 conflictAmid the 10s of thousands of WordPress plugins in use across the open source ecosystem, it appears that one has been caught napping on the latest WordPress update.

If you are using ExpressCurate, a handy plugin for drafting articles from external sites ethically as mentioned here, you might want to hold off updating for a week or so.

It appears that in the WordPress 4.4 environment you lose access to your text editor.

The plugin was only updated about 12 weeks ago and we’d expect the plugin authors will be onto it shortly.

In the meantime, the current versions are working fine in a 4.3 environment although I personally prefer updating WordPress as soon as possible.

What happens if I prematurely update?

If you have updated or need to (which I recommend) you might find you have some WordPress Page and Post editing issues.

If that is the case, just deactivate ExpressCurate for the time being.

If you are a Baker Marketing client and you are using that plugin, make sure you are subscribed to my WordPress Wednesday blogs so you get alerted when all is well again.



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