You’re nuts if you don’t add Mailchimp signup forms for your blog on your Facebook Page

mailchimp-facebook-bloggingLike it or not, the big player in social media, Facebook, wants it all.

Users are being continually trained to stay within Facebook and consume content there.

So if you have the Mailchimp/WordPress set up that allows visitors to subscribe to get your blog posts sent by email, it makes sense to let this interaction happen right within the ‘safety’ and comfort of your Facebook Page.

Is it safe to go outside?

Increasingly, Facebook is doing deals with publishers to make their content completely consumable within Facebook so that uses do not have to click links to external websites.

This lets Facebook claim incredible engagement statistics, making the site attractive to advertisers.

It also means that content requiring people to click away from Facebook is not being shown to as many users as content that has been uploaded natively into Facebook itself.

For example, loading a video directly into your Facebook Page is going to get shown to many more ‘fans’ than sharing a link to your video on YouTube, an external site.

So while I still like to let visitors to Facebook Pages know we have blog posts outside the ‘walled garden’ of Facebook, it makes sense to give them an easy option to sign up to get your ‘good, valuable, interesting, helpful’ content directly to their inbox, and that’s why today’s little trick is so helpful.

Mailchimp and Facebook: The new integration

Well, this integration isn’t new but it is one that can be easily overlooked.

I have often referenced the practice of connecting your WordPress blog to Mailchimp to either have your posts go out as newsletters automatically or simply as an easy way of letting people opt in to your community while on your site.

But with a few extra clicks inside your WordPress account, you can now add your sign up form to your Facebook Page.

You just have to activate the ‘integration’ inside Mailchimp. You’ll find integrations under the Account tab. Click on Facebook, log in, choose your business page, choose your Mailchimp form, name your button title for Facebook, for example, I chose ‘Get Marketing Tips’ for Baker Marketing one, and Save. You will now have a tab on Facebook.

On Facebook, click the More button in the header area, manage tabs, and then reorder your new tab in the first 4 positions so it is visible on the page, save, and you are ready to welcome Facebookers into your mailing list all from the safety of their favourite social network.



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