WordPress is dominating the web: Yes, that means more than half

wordpress-slice-of-pie Photo Jim Champion via FlickrA new report has been released by W3Techs detailing the growth in the number of websites using WordPress worldwide.

In situations where their software can detect which content management system is in use, WordPress accounts for 58.8% of CMSs in use.

Even if you just hold that against the number of all websites in the world, WordPress is now running a solid 25% so hats off to the open source and the networks of coders who are showing the world how to apply passion for the general good.

A few more awesome WordPress statistics

To put the large WordPress number into context, this report shows the percentage share among all content management systems as follows:

  • WordPress 58.8%
  • Joomla 6.5%
  • Drupal 4.9%
  • Magento 2.9%
  • Wix and Weebly are right down around 0.4%

Impressive numbers but they do mean a lot to us bloggers.

Why should I care that WordPress is so popular?

One of the first things that makes me choose WordPress is the long held and regularly proven benefit of its superior SEO engineering.

Google just gets it. You write content for your audience and Google CAN follow easily in a WordPress website.

The benefit from the big numbers in today’s article is that it shows how healthy the ecosystem is of developers and users.

Although most people reading this have or are considering getting a WordPress website built by our Adelaide website team, we can draw up a huge wealth of wisdom and support to help you keep your website sharp and performing as it should.

Photo: Pie Shot by Jim Champion via Flickr



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