Taking Advantage of Being One of South Australia’s Top 100 Companies

Last week InDaily revealed SA’s Top 100 companiesbased on their South Australian Business Index which was prepared by Prescott Securities. If you were one of the businesses on the list, or you are an organisation that has got some free press coverage, you’re probably wondering how to take best advantage of this sort of positive online and press exposure.

The key is to do it fast while the news is fresh. Old news isn’t news at all!

Here are three ideas that are a good start.

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Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

Tell your staff about your success and make some time for a celebration.

Big news is worth gathering your team together for, whether it’s big or small, and that might be a good opportunity to recognise their contribution verbally, by handing out a token thank-you note or gift and also by taking a team photo.

Follow up with the celebration with an email that includes the photo, a link to the publicity spot, and encourage your team to share with friend and family via social media and word of mouth.

Blog it! Post it! Tweet it! Link it!

People will start searching for the news online when they hear something through the grapevine. They might find the news on your own site, rather than form the original source if you can get a blog or news post up fast.

This increases visits to your site and could lead to achieving your online goals with visitors who might not have otherwise paid a visit.

You can link back to the original article or articles, but make sure you include some good quality original content to add some value.

Is there something that was missing from the story? Did the journalists get it right? What’s the behind-the-scenes info that fills in some blanks?

Once you’ve published your blog, push it out on as many social media platforms as possible, tailoring the message to each medium. And encourage everyone in the organisation to pass it on!

Dig Deeper to Take It to Another Level

An in depth interview with your CEO or General Manager might be a great way to expand on the story in a blog. Or perhaps you could go to the “coalface” of your business and communicate with the public how your employees contributed and how success makes them feel. When employees feel like they’re recognised in this way, rather than working in a coalmine it can do wonders for their morale.

Remember, it’s your customers, and potential ones, that you really want to read all about it, so getting the right angle is important. A success for your business often means success for your customers too.

Sometimes the sort of unsolicited publicity you get is negative, but turning that sort of coverage into a plus for your business is something we can look at in another post. So, please subscribe to our blog updates!




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