Website security: WordPress has your back

wordpress-security Image National Guard via Flickr I’ve been reminded, yet again, of why I have backed WordPress in the website content management system race for me and my clients at Baker Marketing.

It is the ecosystem of developers.

By choosing WordPress as the software that you build your website in, you are tapping into a network of support that stretches around the globe and is watching your back, day and night.

The murky world of hackers

From the depths of pond sludge that makes up the world of hackers, those people who divert their energy to tearing down what others have built, comes a raft of challenges and attacks on websites and content management systems every day.

Recently, I received an email from a web security company alerting me in nervous tones about a new trick being used by hackers to compromise websites.

However, when I turned to the WordPress blog to see if there were any official announcements, I found news that¬†WordPress 4.3.1 Security and Maintenance Release had just been released which not only closed two scripting loopholes but also wiped out a trick that had been discovered that might have let people to add a private post to your site and make it ‘sticky’ so that you would see it when you logged in.

It’s not the fight against the baddies, it’s the number of goodies on our side

Most reassuringly, the WordPress update named the people who alerted the core WordPress team to the issues and suggested fixes.

Some of these helpful web coders were part of the WordPress security team, some were from a third party security firm, and others were volunteers who contribute to the Open Source WordPress project.

This highlights why I always err towards healthy Open Source solutions like WordPress; users benefit from a passionate pool of people much larger and more motivated than those who might be running little proprietary solutions while juggling client support.

If you’ve chosen WordPress for your website, good for you. You not only have your Baker Marketing team behind you, you have tens of thousands of developers all around the world.

Image: Task Force Guardian by the National Guard via Flickr



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