From brochure to blog post: How a smartphone camera is a blogger’s best friend

smartphone cameras inspire blogging Photo Steve DavisYour smartphone is your best friend when you blog because you need an image in every story and using your own images is often more relevant and satisfying than hunting through image libraries.

But did you know that if you practice my discipline of maintaining a media habit with your phone, you might actually get fresh blog post ideas?

Today’s article exploring the link between your blogging and your camera, has developed out of a short demonstration during one of my marketing workshops held in Strathalbyn yesterday.

Here’s the outcome.

Some habits are bad, some a good but the Media Habit is priceless

When I talk ‘media habit’, I mean getting into the habit of taking photos (or video) of interesting things you see in your day-to-day life at work, at home, at play.

The reason for this is you end up building a varied library of images which one day will be ‘just right’ for illustrating future blog posts.

You don’t need to have any preconceived ideas about how the image links to a future story, you just need to maintain the discipline of taking interesting pics.

From pictures, stories grow

As an example of the Media Habit in action, I clicked a picture of the brochure, above, which was lying on a table at the Strathalbyn Library on Tuesday.

It was a casual action with no prior planning; it just looked interesting to me due to its starkness and its isolation.

Overnight my brain whirred around and this morning deposited an idea for a blog post that could feature that picture.

It would be an article about why it is important to think deeply about printing more brochures for your business because if you don’t you risk having your money turn up in abandoned pieces of ‘junk mail’ littering desks, waste paper baskets and storage boxes doing you NO GOOD at all.

That article could include some good pointers about thinking through the pros and cons of physical flyers, with that haunting image of a lonely flyer in the background showing the suboptimal outcomes of printing before thinking.

So, let me throw out a challenge to you or any of my Baker Marketing colleagues to flesh out that blog post and use my picture to illustrate it. Share with your world what you think are the important steps to keep in mind when deciding if printed brochures are needed for your business or organisation and let me know about it in the comments box.

Ready, set, click

My point in sharing this rather post modern reflection of a picture within a blog post, is that even though the main rationale for taking pictures is to have a library for illustrating future blog posts, you will be delighted to find that your brain will be doing its best to join the dots to find ways to make images ‘fit’ relevant messages for your market.

Perhaps this week you could try taking not only photos of your business or organisation in action, but go ‘out there’ and take some unusual pictures.

If your brain comes to the party with an unplanned blog idea over the next few days, we’ll all be the richer.




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