Adding a Page to a Menu in WordPress

wordpress-page-menus Image Steve DavisI have had a few people ask me why a new Page they’ve created in their WordPress website doesn’t automatically appear in the navigation menu.

Interestingly, it can do this for some WordPress sites but not others, depending on configuration settings.

However, I prefer when new Pages do NOT appear automatically in a menu.

Let me explain why and show you how easy it is to add Pages to menus.

Manual menus in WordPress give you breathing space

In WordPress, the menu items that appear on your site (with links to your pages and blog section) are all compiled in the Appearance > Menus section of the site.

A Menu is simply a configuration of links to Pages in a certain order to meet your needs, such as Home, About, Services, Blog, etc.

In WordPress, you can tick a box in the configuration screen for each Menu to ‘Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu’.

I don’t like turning that on because I prefer being able to create a new Page, assess it and THEN make it easily accessible through the Menu when I am ready, rather than have it appear automatically and risk cluttering my Menu.

So take a look at that setting and untick it if it is ticked, then click Save Changes.

So, how do I add a Page to my WordPress Menu?

This is the easy part.

Once you have created a new Page for your WordPress website, simply go to Appearance > Menus and look at the active menu area, which should be showing a list of all your current Menu items.

Then follow the four steps, as pointed out in the image.



  1. In a box to the left of the current Menu list, tick the page you want to add to your Menu
  2. Click Add To Menu
  3. You will find your Page at the bottom of the Menu list, so drag it up to be in the position you want – items hard left in the list are Parent items (they sit at the top of a website menu, nudge them a little to the right and they will be Child items and appear under the item above it in the list. For example, in the image above, Marketing Strategy will appear as a dropdown item in the menu under Marketing Services.
  4. Click Save Changes

You will now have added a new Page to your WordPress website Menu.



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