Social Media Management just got simpler: Hootsuite integrates with Instagram

Hootsuite and Instagram IntegrationLast week, Social Media Management got even simpler with Hootsuite’s latest announcement – they’re integrated with Instagram!!

Hootsuite, a Social Media Management tool that brings together all of the major Social Media accounts into one dashboard and/or app, announced last week that you can now post directly to Instagram from the dashboard. This makes posting to all of the major Social Media accounts even easier and more efficient for you or your Marketing team.

Along with posting your latest photo to your business’ Instagram account, you can now also schedule your photo posts; like and comment on photos; and mention or engage with your followers. This also makes posting to your account more user-friendly by using your computer and keyboard to type your message content (rather than the often clunky App and your smartphone keyboard).

There is, however, a couple of catches with regard to this announcement. Firstly, a free Hootsuite account only allows integration with 3 social media accounts so, if you are using more than 3 (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram), you will need to upgrade your account to pro (from$9.99/month) to get the full benefits.

The second catch is that there is still a manual element to posting your photos. You can complete and/or schedule the post in the Hootsuite dashboard however, the final publish is still completed through your smartphone App manually. After you press publish in Hootsuite, you will be sent a push notification on your smartphone (assuming you choose to turn them on) prompting you to finalise and publish the post via the Instagram App. While this may not be as seamless as we might have hoped, it does speed up the process somewhat.

For those that are interested, there is a quick how to video available on the Hootsuite website. Alternatively, contact us for further help and support in using Hootsuite or Instagram (or both!) in your Social Media Marketing Strategy.





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