Reflex Blogging: Boost your SEO by curating the work of others through your blog

reflex-blogging-steve-davisWe know how dramatic the impact of blogging can be in relation to Search Engine Optimisation but we also know how hard it can be to start.

To blog effectively, it is considered best practice to be clear about your target market (who are you writing for), have an editorial content plan (so you have plenty of topics to write about for the foreseeable future, all tied to a core list of keywords and terms you’d like to be known for), and follow an approach of sharing your content across your social media channels, etc.

But what if you can’t start? What if you are stuck right at the beginning? Or, worse still, what if you had been blogging but are now suffering blogfade with no ideas and no momentum?

This is when curation becomes an attractive option; the process of using another piece of content to spur you into action to share comments publicly.

And with a new WordPress plugin, this process just became faster, easier and safer.

Welcome to reflex blogging: the art of reacting to other people’s work with your perspective based on your experience.

The hierarchy of blog content

I do preach quite passionately about the need for maintaining a blogging discipline, so much so that one client said she was a little scared when I called her because she’d slipped behind and was fearing my wrath!

She was joking (I hope) because we don’t blog for its own sake or to keep our marketing consultant happy, we blog to build our presence in the marketplace, share of our knowledge to make life better for our target audiences, and to boost our search engine rankings.

To this end, nothing quite beats crafting your own, original content to earn the trust and respect of your marketplace and the search engines.

However, some people lose their way or never even start blogging due to lack of direction, lack of confidence or lack of encouragement to push through and do the hard yards.

But now there is a way to prime the pump and get the content flowing.

Reflex blogging: The art of debating strangers

The simplest way to describe reflex blogging is to imagine you overhear someone speaking about your field of expertise at a party and suddenly you find yourself butting into the conversation to add your perspective.

Reflex blogging is simply using articles and blogs previously published by others, as a starting point for you to share something important with your marketplace through agreeing or disagreeing with the article or using it to spur you on to fresh ideas.

And just like the reflex reaction of jumping into a relevant conversation at a party, so too most people find it so much easier to start blogging when all they have to do is share thoughts in reaction to someone else’s writing.

For example, coming up with a blog topic might be hard (unless you’ve worked with your Baker Marketing consultant and gone through our blog planning system). But contrast that with seeing an article claiming your profession can change the world or is ruining the world. Isn’t it so much easier to think of things to say when you’re reacting to a complementary or a contrary point of view?

Now let’s make that one step easier, by adding a plugin to your WordPress site and an extension to your web browser so you can draft reflex blog posts in 5 minutes flat.

The Baker Marketing Reflex Blogging System

Thanks to an excellent WordPress plugin, ExpressCurate, we are now able to install and configure the technology within your WordPress website to enable it to capture your reflex blog drafts without you leaving your browser.

While there are some base settings in the plugin that require our expertise, installing the browser add on and constructing a draft blog while on a third party website is easy, as demonstrated in the video, below, which I’ve made to guide our remote clients so they can get reflex blogging.

As you’ll see, when you copy a quote from the source article, the plugin does all the work of making sure Google and readers know which is your work and which is work done by others.

In an ideal world, you would pepper away with draft blogs as you read stories online and have your Baker Marketing consultant sweep in and polish them up before publishing for you.

Then, as your confidence grows and your habit becomes entrenched, you can start (or return to) original blogging of your own material.

At least the good news for now is that writer’s block has been removed and you can start your journey to developing your online voice and presence today.




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