What is A/B Split Testing and why should I use it in my marketing?

A/B Split Testing, Email Marketing, Online Marketing TestingAre you stuck on two variations of an email subject line and not sure which one is better? Or perhaps you have two designs that you like but you are not sure which one your consumers will prefer? Split Testing is a fantastic tool that can be used in most forms of online marketing including:

  • email marketing
  • websites
  • digital advertising
  • Google Adwords

A/B Split Testing is an effective way of continually improving your marketing efforts online. Rather than writing or designing one campaign, Split Testing allows you to test two alternatives on a sample of your audience and then pick the best one to show to the rest.

For example, we can test two email subject lines to groups A & B, this email is sent to 20% of your database (i.e. 10% receive subject line A and 10% receive subject line B – randomly selected). Then, a few hours later, the winning subject line (the one with the most opens) is used in the email sent out to the remaining 80% of your database. 

There are numerous variables which you can trial as you progress, including:

  • What do you want to test? – e.g. email subject, day of the week, call to action button text or location, website promotion graphic
  • How long should it be tested for or to how many people?
  • What result are you looking for? – e.g. open rates, click through rates or conversion rates

For best results, we recommend that you only test one thing at a time and that it is tested at the same time so as to not skew results.

Why should I use it in my marketing?

Split Testing is not for first-timers as it might be a little overwhelming and we don’t want you to delay your marketing activities. It is about further refining what you are currently doing.

Well planned A/B Testing can make a substantial difference to the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns. Spending a little extra time upfront in testing and choosing the right key promotional elements can make your efforts more successful and profitable. Once you get started, we recommend that you further refine them on an ongoing basis to identify if certain elements bring in two, three or even four times better results. You will also be able to start eliminating certain variables all together to continually optimise your activities.

Do not stay too focused on the numbers though… the most important factors to remember are your brand and the end goal: sales.




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