WordPress login and the Google Chrome browser: Trick it or shift it

wordpress-chrome-loginToday I simply have a quick tip for you if you are encountering any frustrations trying to log into your WordPress website – or any website for that matter – by using a stored password in Google Chrome.

This will only apply to a few of you, so everybody else gets a week off (to be used drafting a bonus blog post, I hope).

The problem occurs when you go to log into a site in Google Chrome, it is displaying a login name and dots for the password, but you keep getting the message ‘invalid’ password.

Here are two workarounds.

Don’t store passwords

I can’t go further without a quick reminder not to store passwords.

I know it’s convenient remembering passwords but it really is a bad habit because if someone gets access to your computer, they get easy access to all your websites.

We are all guilty of it from time to time, but it needs to be said.

Take a space to the right, then a backspace to the left

For a whole host of technical reasons, sometimes Google Chrome seems to fill your login name and your password box but actually the latter is empty.

I won’t go into all the technical reasons for it because I barely grasp them myself, however, there is a simple trick.

When your login screen loads just click your mouse to the right of the series of dots representing your password, add a space, then carefully hit the backspace key and remove that extra character you added.

This little move restores order to the universe, actually fills the password box with your password, and you should be able to log in without issue.

If that doesn’t work, there are actually some little WordPress coding tricks that can be applied to force the issue with Chrome but before taking that measure, there’s one more option.

Consider Firefox

Something I make sure I do is log in to the various websites we’ve built across a range of browsers.

When working with a client who was stuck with the login issue, we discovered that Mozilla Firefox works like a charm and is not encumbered by the Chrome ‘loop of despair’.

As much as I adore Google Chrome, it can be flaky with changes brought about during its incessant cycle of updates and additions, so in the interest of small business pragmatism, simply moving across to Firefox for your editing and blogging might buy you plenty of time while you consider your options.



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