Should Email Marketing still be part of your Marketing Activities?

Email Marketing AdelaideSo many of our clients are still not fully utilising their databases effectively and we still frequently get asked whether Email Marketing is worth investing in. Our answer is always YES. Even just having the discipline to keep your database up to date and growing is worthwhile as it is one of your biggest assets. You might have also tried Email Marketing in the past so, here are 7 tips to help improve what you are doing and/or to help you get started.

1. Measure & Monitor

Start with the end in mind and determine what you want to measure and how to monitor that to achieve the outcomes that you want to achieve e.g. create a column in your sales database for ‘campaigns’ and tick that box if you get an enquiry directly from that campaign.

2. Implementation Plan

Firstly remind yourself of your Marketing Strategy and who your Target Markets are. Your Email Marketing should be targeted at your different customer groups e.g. existing customers, prospective customers (primary target market), sales partners or influencers etc. Map out an implementation calendar for each key customer group (your content may vary slightly accordingly) and include key promotions and/or events e.g. Christmas greeting. Include other seasonal opportunities to provide ‘hooks’ and also avoid major events e.g. AFL Grand Final however, consider sending out a campaign directly before the game or directly afterwards (remember time zones too).

3. Frequency

Keeping your customers and target market in mind, consider the frequency of contact and/or provide them with choices rather than bombarding them every day or hour with content.

4. Timing

Again, keeping your customers and target market in mind, consider the timing of dispatch of your emails. You can also tweak this as you go (it could help your metrics!) by keeping an eye on how timing effects open rates and click-through rates etc.

5. Technology

Choose your technology wisely as there are various options and pricing (We usually recommend as a cost effective tool to start with). Also ensure that your email template / design is mobile friendly – more and more consumers are reading your emails via their phone or tablet so, make it easy for them.

Remember to also test your campaign (send a test email) prior to dispatch, every time.

Also add a ‘sign-up form’ to your website to capture any interested readers along the way.

6. Valuable content

The email subject line is key – subscribers often scroll their inbox and read the subject line only so, to get cut-through, ensure your subject line will get some attention. You can trial different approaches with A/B Split Testing too.

Also ensure you are producing high-value content that your readers will be interested in – this will keep them coming back to read your emails each time.

7. Database Planning / Updates

Keep your database up to date and schedule an annual ‘database cleanse’. Also consider tweaking or adding to the fields that you are collecting to continually improve your data however, make sure you are collecting it for a purpose.

I hope that this provides you with some ideas on how to get started with email marketing and/or how to improve your current approach. The worst thing we see is when people set a date for dispatch and then scratch around on that date to meet their deadline often producing bland, boring, low quality content and therefore do not get the outcomes they want to achieve from their email marketing.

I look forward to receiving your emails in my inbox shortly! 🙂

Image by RaHul Rodriguez on Flickr (CC by SA 2.0).



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  1. John S.

    For me, YES, Email Marketing is still valuable as a part of any marketing strategy. A lot of tips here that are very effective to become more successful in doing Email Marketing. Like the first one, measuring and monitoring are really helpful, especially in determining your implementation plan and other factors that will improve your strategy. Great, and please feel free to visit our site at



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