No sign of a stork: Twitter bird announces royal baby

Are you still using Twitter in your online marketing mix?

If not, this week’s birth of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, should provide the pitter patter of little reminders that this social media tool has more than baby teeth.

In fact, the recent arrival will help me tie a few loose ends together for us involving Twitter, WordPress and choosing the right tool for the job.

Why Twitter still matters

It can be tempting for marketers who have never quite grasped Twitter to dismiss it as a frivolous social media channel and then use recent stock market announcements of the company’s financial struggles as support for their position.

I still hear some small to medium sized business owners or marketers say ‘my customers aren’t on Twitter’, so why should I bother?

It is true that Twitter is smaller than Facebook and it might be true that your customers might not all be using the service but as Kate and William demonstrated this week, even though many royal fans won’t be on Twitter, they knew that some would be, that almost all journalists are, and that the ‘chattering class’ of bloggers and socialites would definitely be.

And that is the strategic insight to always remember: Twitter is a tool of convenience among people who can influence your customers and the community, so that is why it is worth exploring if you’ve not already done so.

WordPress and Twitter, a match made in heaven

Something pertinent in blogging and running a WordPress website in 2015 is that snippets of announcements on social media can be easily embedded within your website.

For example, the royal couple’s announcement of the new baby can be simply preserved right here by pasting in the URL of the tweet itself, WordPress does the rest:

This simple method can also work with YouTube videos, Kickstarter campaigns, and a host of other services.

The right tool for the right job

The final insight the royal baby gives birth to is to note how the modern royal family chose the best tool for the job.

It was noted in the Mirror that:

Previously, updates about the young royals had been posted on Prince Charles’ Clarence House website.

I will always argue for using your WordPress website as the home base for all your marketing material because you own it and control it.

However, when you have a blast of news to get out, the immediacy of places like Twitter and Facebook will be the better tool for the job.

I know that getting this mix right can be daunting if you’re not passionately into social media, so remember we’re here to help you take those baby steps.

Public domain brick wall image by Picdrome on Flickr. Stencil effect by Mark Gamtcheff.



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