New WordPress Website packages arrive weeks before Google destroys non mobile-friendly websites

google-mobile-friendly-websites-adelaide Photo: Jesse757 via FlickrHave you ever been in a friendly discussion with someone when suddenly offence is taken and things turn cold, fast?

Imagine this relationship is between your website and Google. Everything is ticking along nicely and then the search giant changes mood in an instant and threatens your site with eviction.

This is what is happening right now.

Google has announced that websites not mobile-friendly by April 21, 2015, will be dropped from search results on mobile devices where an enormous slice of search takes place.

The 900 pound bulldog is Google

So far, in the history of Google, I have never had to change my advice to clients.

Our focus has always been on helping you write valuable content your target market will find helpful, using terms they might choose to search with.

There have been a few modifiers about increasing love for video and for longer text but it has been ‘business as usual’ for Baker Marketing clients because we’ve never been sucked into the black hole of SEO tricks.

So this announcement of a hard deadline to get websites responsive or they’ll disappear is the first time we’ve heard the search beast growl.

Luckily, our last two generations of website package have been responsive or mobile-friendly and as time would have, our sixth generation WordPress website package is here in the nick of time.

Keep it simple: Start with a WordPress Starter Package

There are four new layouts in the 6th generation of WordPress packages we have available here in Adelaide.

The first two have demo models online now for you to take a peep:

  • WordPress Starter Package Demo
  • WordPress Starter Package with Slider Demo

You can find out more about our WordPress Website Development packages here.

responsive-baker-marketing-wordpress-websites-adelaideThe key thing about these new sites is that we haven’t chased after fads, we have stuck to simple, clean design, good robust security, analytics and backup, and, of course, mobile friendliness.

I ran the sites through the Google Mobile Test and got the AWESOME ranking.

So, if you have not decided to take the plunge and get your site converted to WordPress yet OR it is in WordPress but you have an older design, now could be the perfect time to have a Spring clean in Autumn before the Winter of Google’s discontent.

And just in case you’re wondering if Google’s bark is worse than its bite, it’s not. Google has teeth and there is no ambiguity on this latest edict to get mobile or get lost.

I wish I could sugar coat it but too much is at stake, so please talk to your webmaster or contact our WordPress Development Team here in Adelaide directly to take action today, remembering that we focus on the marketing aspect of your website, not just jumping the Google hurdles.

Bulldog image by Jesse757 via Flickr




  1. Gianfranco

    Is my website uptodate. i remember you doing something with it but just confirming, thanks.

    • Steve Davis

      Yes, yours is two generations old now but still passes the mobile friendly test. Breathe deeply 🙂 Steve


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