The top 5 most read marketing articles of 2014

Target MarketHere at Baker Marketing in Adelaide, we share marketing articles each week to help our clients stay up-to-date and motivated with their marketing efforts.

Now, in the midst of the summer break, it is perfect time to look back at the five most read marketing articles of 2014, while most of us are in a relaxed and reflective frame of mind.

As your batteries recharge, ours are too, ready for another year of helping you bring value to your market so you can grow your sales and profits.

Here’s to your prosperous New Year.

Top 5 marketing articles of 2014

Our most read marketing articles from 2014, are as follows:

Target Market Selection: 2014 Marketing Summer School (Part 2)

Is this Facebook email spam or worse: Lessons from protecting WordPress

Stopping registration spam on your WordPress website

How to prepare photos for your website for free with Pixlr [VIDEO]

Marketing the $7.00 Potato and 5 Tips for Adding Value

Happy holiday reading.







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