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adelaide-marketing-videoLast week in Add some YouTube goodness to your WordPress blog this year, I shared some ideas for creating your own, online marketing videos this year.

I also promised to show you how to add your video to your WordPress blog.

This promises to be the shortest blog post I’ve ever needed to write because embedding video into YouTube is now a complete cinch.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss this.

How to embed a YouTube video into a WordPress blog

Once you’ve shot your video and uploaded it to YouTube, or sourced a video on YouTube that will illustrate your message, all you need to do is copy the URL (web address) of the video.

As you can see in the screen shot I’m using to illustrate today’s post, the URL of the video can be easily grabbed by double clicking in the address bar of your browser once the video is on screen, and copying it (use CTRL-C or right click and choose copy from the menu).

Your address should look something like this

To make this URL turn into a video window in your WordPress blog or page, all you need to do is paste it ONTO ITS OWN LINE in the editing screen (choose CTRL-V or right click and choose Paste), like this:


Now, the reason that line did not turn into a video screen is because I put a space between https:// and…

To make the magic happen, just paste your URL onto its own line and it will transform to something like this behind the scenes:


Finally, publish or update your page and look at it from the ‘front end’ or public view live your site, and you will now have a YouTube video window on your WordPress blog post or page, just like below.


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