Add some YouTube goodness to your WordPress blog this year

mutant-giant-spider-dog Image:  SA WardegaWe’ve long known that Google has a soft spot for blog content because it is focussed and frequent.

But today I want to remind us all to remember to inject some video content into our Social Media marketing from time to time this year.

Google loves video and WordPress makes it dead easy to insert YouTube video clips into your blogs.

So let’s get some inspiration.

Inspiration is everywhere

Let’s start by watching some videos that garnered the most views at YouTube from within Australia and New Zealand in 2014.

I find it useful to watch videos I would not normally choose to watch because they often spark ideas.

Here are three I chose from the local list of top ten YouTube clips of 2014.

The first one is Mutant Giant Spider Dog from SA Wardega in Poland.

This video showcases some fun and absurdity all in one, picking up 122 million views at the time of writing.

Imagine if you sold night vision glasses, pest treatments, pet food, lighting, phobia counselling, etc? Something like this could really convey some good points in a fun way.

GoPro: Man fights off shark in Sydney Harbour

This video, which is arguably fake, is still fun to watch and picked up 28 million views at the time of writing.

While this is an obvious one for GoPro and other underwater camera makers, I can also see this being a useful video for you to include in your own blog posts about water safety, swimming lessons, planning, or even one for financial planners warning about sharks out there!

Play Doh Ice cream cupcakes playset playdough by Unboxingsurpriseegg

This final selection runs almost an hour, is produced by Kinder Eggs but shows other toys bound to be popular with their target market. It has picked up 288 million viewings.

Here is a very simple video format showing people how to use Play Doh to make different shapes. What is ingenious is that it is from Kinder Surprise Eggs.

However, this is a useful concept for you to consider, either showcasing your own products or services in action OR showcasing your involvement in related activities that will be useful to your target market/audience.

Look deep within your business for ideas

Remember, when I suggest shooting some video, I don’t mean doing it for its own sake but rather to capture your passion or knowledge in your field.

This could mean helpful videos showing people how to use or maintain your products or services.

It could also mean novelty videos in which you demonstrate your speciality in an extreme or unexpected way.

I’ve worked with a sewing machine expert who used a video of a sewing machine powered by a V8 engine to grab attention and put the focus on the current power output of viewers’ current machines.

I’ve also got a motorbike retailer planning a video to showcase just how tough their jackets are by having the business owner dress up in one and then inviting staff and customers to throw rocks at him.

That’s what I call standing behind your products!

And the smart thing is your smartphone can be your camera.

Next week, I’ll demonstrate adding video to your WordPress blogs.



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