The Xmas of our discontent: Fake users be gone

instagram-got-lonlier Image: Instagram BlogWhat a wonderful gift to the users of social media this holiday season, with Instagram deleting millions of fake accounts from its service.

For those of us engaged in social media marketing, I argue it is important that we seek authentic connections with users in our communities and not get lulled into the misguided race to huge numbers of followers.

This is why the so-called Instagram Rapture was a good thing.

From a marketing perspective, there is little to be gained from bloated follower numbers, unless you are selling advertising or using numbers to lure promotional deals.

For most small to medium businesses using social media, the ultimate value of ‘content marketing’ and ‘social media marketing’, is that your content and presence are deemed valuable by authentic users who might then be motivated to on-share your content or connect with you to buy.

Numbers numbers everywhere, and not a soul to link

The problem with fake accounts is that if you have attracted or have bought spam accounts, your efforts to engage your ‘community’ will be akin to spinning your wheels.

In some social media groups just before Christmas, there was speculation that some Adelaide accounts with unbelievably large numbers of followers were about to be in for a fall as fake users got stripped away.

The most dramatic falls befell celebrities like Justin Bieber who lost 3.5 million followers and Kim Kardashian who lost 1.3 million.

With Facebook and Twitter also routinely culling fake accounts, we are hopefully entering an era of greater transparency and authenticity in social media usage.

So let’s enter 2015 with renewed vigour in our blogging efforts and use our blogging articles to share meaningful, engaging content with our online communities knowing that Google and the social media giants are on our side.



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