NEW! Distraction free blog writing over summer in WordPress

distraction-free-wordpress Photo Steve DavisJust in time for the summer break, WordPress has added a new feature in version 4.1 called Distraction Free Writing Mode.

And what a difference this feature makes.

With the click of your mouse you can completely sweep away clutter from your virtual ‘desk’.

Clean desks, clear minds

As someone who spends a lot of time creating content for clients, I’ve come to appreciate being squirreled away from noise and distraction so I can concentrate.

Indeed, Diane Hoskins, of US office design firm, Gensler, was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald last year after surveying 90,000 workers, that:

The most significant factor in workplace effectiveness is not collaboration but individual focus work.

This certainly holds true for most clients I work with when they are learning to ‘blog’.

And that’s why this new distraction free mode is most welcome.

Hide the buttons, show the buttons

Quite simply, next time you are drafting a blog article in your WordPress website, look for the X-like button at the far right of the editing menu.

Hovering over the button will show you it is the right one, click it and your screen will magically ‘declutter’.

Click it again, and all  your WordPress menus will reappear.

It really is as simple as that.

distraction free screen



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