5 Tips for Elevating your 30 Second Sales Spiel to Export Level

Sales Training, Sales, Export SalesA couple of weeks ago I outlined the basics of developing your own 30 Second Spiel. Export Marketing 101 – Your 30 Second Sales Spiel provides the key steps for getting started on this important marketing tool.  Today’s article picks up from your first draft and is intended to help you further refine your 30 Second Spiel for use in export marketing and sales activities.

5 Tips for Elevating your 30 Second Sales Spiel

Why export level?

Export level is likely to be the pointy end of the sales and marketing equation.

Export sales scenarios are often where you are striving to establish a larger revenue stream whilst spending more money, taking more risk and doing it all with a greater level of complexity and difficulty.

For this reason it is important to make sure you have taken your sales and marketing tools to a higher level so that you give yourself and your business the best chance of success.  Your 30 Second Sales Spiel is no exception.

Here are 5 Tips for taking your 30 Second Sales Spiel to Export Level:

  1. Alignment
  2. Refinement
  3. Tailoring
  4. Condensing
  5. Practice

There will be numerous other steps that you can implement to further improve your 30 Second Sales Spiel.  The above five are where I would start.


Alignment is intended to prompt you to dig deep and truly analyse the needs of your intended customer groups and be very precise about understanding their needs and wants.

The best way to do this is to revisit your Marketing Strategy or Marketing Plan.  Here you will revisit your original Primary and Secondary Target Market decisions further reminding you of exactly who you are zooming in on when implementing your 30 Second Sales Spiels in export sales scenarios.

From there you will be able to revisit the analysis of the needs of your target customer groups.  By reviewing and giving further consideration to this list of needs you will be in a better position to consider tweaking or exchanging some of the key words within your Spiel.  The objective being to better align with the specific needs that you have identified.

The closer that you can align your words, messages and language to your Primary Target Customers and their High-Priority Needs the more ‘powerful’ your 30 Second Sales Spiel will be.

A couple of my previous articles will help you with the above if you are yet to complete your Marketing Plan.

Target Market Selection: 2014 Marketing Summer School (Part 2) will help you with the selection of your Primary and Secondary Target Markets and Step 2 of The Baker Marketing: 2014 Marketing Summer School (Part 3) will help you with Customer Needs Analysis.


Refinement is simply about taking the time to do some additional massaging and crafting of the words, language and flow of your 30 Second Sales Spiel.

Quite often you will find that if you revisit a piece of work or writing after having the luxury of putting it down for a day or more you will identify quick and easy ways of making subtle improvements.

Refinement is one of the reasons why we have an internal peer review within the Baker Marketing team of consultants.  Asking another person to review your work and look for ways of making improvements can often help increase the impact of your marketing and sales tools.


Tailoring is about revisiting those Primary Target Markets and their needs in the context of what you know about the different export markets in which you will be operating.   When taking a planned approach to exporting and your various export promotions and sales activities you will collect information relating to specific export markets or market segments within export markets.

Tailoring is about using this information to make further improvements.  There will be the opportunity to further modify your 30 Second Sales Spiel to capitalise on available information that is specific to your intended export markets such as:

  • Market or Country specific aspects such as language, culture and attitudes
  • Market or Country specific needs associated with your product or service such as specific products or services or quality levels, pricing or timing and service levels
  • Tailoring to specific customer groups i.e. Consumers, Trade Customers, Distributors, Buyers, Seniority levels etc.

After tailoring your 30 Second Sales Spiel to your various export markets and market segments you will arrive at more than one version, in fact, if you do it properly you will end up with numerous versions.

Most seasoned business operators and exporters do this automatically.  However, given the added costs associated with export marketing I strongly recommend that you take a planned approach.  This will see you make adjustments and tweaks to capitalise on the information and market intelligence that you collect in order to maximise export sales outcomes.


Condensing is simply about reviewing your 30 Second Sales Spiel and looking for ways of making it more concise and succinct.  You will find that the shorter your 30 Second Sales Spiel the easier it will be to implement.  If it is shorter and easier to implement this will result in you and your team feeling more comfortable about using it every time they are at a trade show, a networking event or bumping into a prospective importer in the elevator.


That old saying ‘Practice makes Perfect’ has a lot of merit when it comes to perfecting your 30 Second Sales Spiel.

Plenty of practice is the best way of identifying ways of making improvements and ironing out the glitches.  Without practice you wont really know what can be improved.

Practice is also the best way of getting really good at using your 30 Second Sales Spiel.

Practice can easily be done in the comfort and safety of your office and team environment.  I have touched on Sales Role-Playing in earlier articles including the Preparation and Practice suggestions in Do you Object to Sales Objections? and What’s your Question? 5 Tips for Strategic Sales Questions

Elevating your 30 Second Sales Spiel and making the Best First Impression

I hope that today’s article is useful for those of you who have a draft 30 Second Sales Spiel and wish to take it to the next level.

There will be some of you who have started this process and would like some additional help in refining their Marketing Strategy.  I suggest reviewing the series of articles that I have written on completing your strategic marketing planning and decision-making processing starting with The Baker Marketing: 2014 Marketing Summer School (Part 1) 

Many of you out there will have already been through the process of wrestling with this challenge and I am sure there are numerous ideas that can be shared.  So please send through any ideas, tips or tricks that have worked for you when striving to make the best first impression when in front of a prospective export customer.




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