God only knows: You’ll blog better when you let yourself love your work

god-only-knowsDo you ever find yourself reflecting upon how important and fulfilling your ‘work’ is?

Before you scoff, please think about it.

Is the world grateful that you exist, even if it takes you for granted?

Then if music be the food of marketing, read on.

God only knows what we’d do without YOU

One of my clients here at Baker Marketing, Alexandra Frost from Attuned Psychology, is also a musician (which informs her Performance Psychology specialty) and recently shared a glorious video made by the BBC.

The video is simply musicians of many styles all contributing toward a rendition of the Beach Boys God Only Knows.

The message is: Music, god only knows what I’d be without you.

This is musicians pausing to be grateful for the existence of music because it has allowed them to find a calling.

What is your calling?

The potentially uncomfortable question this poses for us is, are we similarly grateful for the career/pathway/field we are currently engaged in?

This is a high value question when it comes to your blogging and social media content marketing because those who thrive in this marketing channel are the people who live what they love, who love what they do, and who truly want to share valuable insights with others.

For me, the litmus test is how I feel when I have written a blog, or signed off on a client website or strategy.

There is a lightness, a sensational feeling of satisfaction that envelops me before moving on to the next project.

Perhaps over the summer break, you might find a moment to reflect on your ‘calling’ and then touch base with us in the New Year to help guide some strategy and coaching around how to let your passion sing on the road to new sales, clients and/or opportunities.



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