I buy you, I buy you not: Get ready for social commerce on Facebook and Twitter

facebook-twitter-shoppingA number of clients have been adding ecommerce facilities to their WordPress sites this quarter and for some, this has been a revolutionary step, along with upping their blogging activity.

However, a new frontier  of content-meets-marketing-meets-sales is emerging as Facebook and Twitter continue beta testing new Buy buttons.

Favourite that!

Will shopping work on social?

I believe shopping will be successful in social networks because shopping is and can be a social activity.

It is heartening, however, to be watching Twitter and Facebook both take things slowly in the hope of getting it right.

Last time Facebook ventured into similar territory, announcing to your friends items you’ve just bought, it all went horribly wrong with a woman discovering her boyfriend had just bought an engagement ring!

What can small businesses do to prepare?

If you aren’t already someone familiar or comfortable with social networking, perhaps this summer might be the time to start observing and/or to ask people around the barbecue for some of their stories.

The ultimate trick will be to balance good, social content with desirable items or services that your target market will be happy to click to buy while scrolling through friends’ updates.

You might also want to experiment with describing some of your products or services during casual conversation and look for story angles and benefits that seem to pique people’s interest and those that shut people off.

In a similar way, having a buy button right there while someone is pondering a like or a favourite, promises to show conclusively which messages hit home and which ones missed.

If you’re already selling online and already using social networking, perhaps keep an eye open as your scroll for normal posts and updates that grabbed your attention the most and made you wish there was a buy button already.

Such a post will be worth copying down for later, inspirational reference.



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