SA Food Industry Awards – Showcasing Export Vision and Strategy

SA Food Awards, Strategy, Vision and PlanningOn Friday night I attended the 2014 SA Food Industry Awards night at Adelaide Oval.  It was a great night and Food South Australia Chief Executive Officer Catherine Barnett said it was attended by a record number of 650 guests.

Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell Demonstrating Vision

During the evening many successful people were given the opportunity to share their opinions, knowledge and a small part of their journey with the audience.

A common theme in many of the success stories shared during the awards presentations was the concept of a clear vision.

Some form of significant, higher-order, long-term goal for the business, category and even industry.

On the night, Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell said that our food industry generates more than $14 billion for the state’s economy and accounts for more than 32 per cent of the State’s merchandise exports.  He also said that demonstrating ‘Vision’ was one of the criteria that the South Australian Food Industry Awards Program recognised.

Maurice Crotti, CEO of San Remo Group of Companies   

The Importance of Strategy and Planning
Maurice Crotti, CEO of San Remo Group of Companies provided a short speech as part of his role in sharing the San Remo Hall of Fame award.  This has been the case at a number of the SA Food Industry Awards nights that I have attended over the past few years. His brief words have always provided succinct and powerful advice and/or insight.

This year, Maurice Crotti talked about the need for companies to have Vision, Strategy and a Plan for implementing their Strategy and achieving their Vision.

Defining and developing a business and/or marketing vision and strategy is a step that is often by-passed by small business operators.  I hope the priority attached to this step by business operators is increased when the leader of one of Australia’s most successful privately owned companies stresses its importance.

Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith

Strategic Implementation
Of course we also need to implement our plans and strategies in order to achieve our vision and goals.

Strategic Implementation is when we implement activities and initiatives that have been defined and developed during our up-front Strategy and Planning phases.

Strategic Implementation is different to simply ‘implementing’ activities and initiatives that were not necessarily part of any plan or strategy.

On Friday night the core concepts of today’s article were ‘wrapped-up’ by the Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith.  The minister presented the Department of State Development Export Award.  He said the award recognised businesses demonstrating innovation, planning and implementation skills which lead to successful ongoing exports.

Making it Happen!

The core concepts shared during the SA Food Industry Awards night are not new.  Vision, Strategy, Planning and Strategic Implementation often feature in the success stories shared by successful entrepreneurs, exporters and business operators.

However, they are not always easy to get right.  In previous blog posts we have shared information and suggestions for applying these concepts.  I hope that the 2014 Baker Marketing Summer School in particular is useful in helping business operators apply the strategic planning and decision-making process to their own individual business needs.

Please contact the team at Baker Marketing if you would like any additional advice and support in developing your export and domestic strategies and/or implementing your marketing activities.

The main thing is that you ‘Make it Happen!’




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