New website hacking scams: All hands on the WordPress deck!

dr-steve-davisWe have been alerting any clients with WordPress websites this week to stop what they are doing and upgrade to WordPress 4.0.1 immediately, otherwise their sites risk being hacked.

In the rolling changes of the internet, the good thing about WordPress is that the team behind it keeps tweaking and improving it over time.

The important thing is they also improve security as new internet hacking threats become known.

Why do I need to do updates?

It is crucial to understand that no matter what website system you use you MUST remain vigilant to ongoing threats from hackers and scammers.

While it’s unfortunate that some bright people apply their minds to this skullduggery, it is heartening to know that within the WordPress community we have some of the brightest minds engaged in ‘the good fight’.

If you have ever done WordPress training with me or my team, you will be familiar with my mantra ‘check for updates’.

We should do that every time we log in and apply them when we see them because the updating process takes less than a minute on most servers and internet connections.

How do I do the updates?

If you need help applying these updates, contact us today so one of our team members can step in and apply the update for you.

We are offering a one-off update with an extra website health check and security health check with the latest, best practice plugins installed, costing approximately $135+GST in time.

Perhaps this might even be the prudent time to take up the smarter option instead in which we shoulder the load of attending to updates for you by signing up for our Website Maintenance Plan.

This monthly plan costs $35+GST per month for standard WordPress sites and $45+GST per month for eCommerce sites.

We handle all updates for you on a weekly basis, apply the security and health check AND provide a supporting service of fielding technical questions as part of the package.

No matter which approach you choose, please choose one today:

  • Upgrade WordPress yourself
  • Have us do a one off upgrade and security/health check
  • Sign up for our Web Maintenance Plan and start peace of mind today

Stay safe online.



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