Website security: A rare and major WordPress plugin update


Sam Walker, Arnhem Gun Club, with Steve Davis

One of my favourite plugins, BPS or Bulletproof Security, has just had a major upgrade.

And unlike 99.99% of WordPress plugin upgrades, this one requires a quick dose of tender loving care afterwards.

Here’s how to test whether you need to take action, so you can take aim, and do what you have to do if needed.

Did BPS alter your website?

When you have done your latest round of plugin updates, click on your website homepage and then visit one of your other pages.

If you find your other menu items take you to a File Not Found or Forbidden page, you need to apply the tender loving care.

In some websites, all pages might be working well but when you are in the admin screen area, you will see a big box from the BPS Plugin alerting you that you need to take action.

How to unleash the new, improved Bulletproof Security plugin

Restore your post-upgrade website by doing the following.

  1. Click on BPS Security in the admin menu
  2. Click the “Create secure.htaccess File” AutoMagic button
  3. Activate Root Folder BulletProof Mode
  4. Activate wp-admin Folder BulletProof Mode

This will restore all the security settings, update the all important .htaccess file (you don’t need to worry about what that means) and have the pages all humming again as they should.




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