Tune your blogging: Who shares your audience?

tune your blogging Photo Steve DavisThe beautiful thing about having a WordPress website is having use of the world’s most powerful blogging instruments.

However, as we well know, it’s not just the instrument, it’s how you use it.

And today’s insight is to remember that in this age of social media, creating content of interest to non-competitive organisations who target your same audience can be a smart way of piggybacking on their reach and popularity, and striking a chord with new fans.

The enemy of my friend is my enemy

Us humans are very predictable.

We do tend to treasure our various communities because in some deep, evolutionary way, we know sticking together with birds of feather will help us survive.

And yet, when it comes to marketing communication, we can easily forget to scan our environments for allies.

Many of us get so busy banging the drum to our own tune we forget that harmony and symphonic power awaits our messages if we can orchestrate our effort by banding together with others.

Imagine if we were to create an article that would be of interest to a related enterprise that happens to be aiming at the same target markets as we are?

Don’t you think they might find great value in being able to share our article with their audience?

Everybody wins when we’re playing from the same page

I’ve been struck by how surprised some clients have been recently, reporting that some blogs I’d written for them had been retweeted or shared on Facebook by other players in their industry.

When you think about it, it makes sense.

Company A is good at crafting content of interest to Target Market 1.

Company B, which is NOT a competitor to Company A, appreciates the value of the article and shares it with Target Market 1 too.

Company B is seen as helpful and generous while Company A gets rewarded by having its circle of influence expanded.

I think Stephen Covey would call that Win Win Win.

Think outside your building

You don’t have to craft content with your Company B in mind all the time but it can be incredibly powerful.

Examples would include creating a quick guide to a legislation change in your field, advice on how to get the most out of a particular regional event, or reflections on trends emerging in your area of interest.

These articles will showcase your passion and thought leadership.

And if you’re active in sharing links to your material through various social networks, don’t be surprised if you find your ‘tune’ being shared (or whistled) by others as your brand awareness grows.



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