Natural, odourless, splogger killer: WangGuard plugin for WordPress

stop-sploggers Photo Steve DavisWARNING: Extreme language is used in this blog post. It is drawn from pesticide advertisements and redirected to ‘sploggers’ – spammers who register on your blog to bloat your database and destroy the internet.

Kill sploggers in just one spray with WangGaurd, a safe, strong plugin for WordPress websites.

WangGuard kills ‘sploggers’ dead, stone dead, and you can’t do much better than that.

If you suffer from pesky user registrations on your website, you just need to remember today’s feature plugin and, ‘Ave A Good Weekend!

Okay, that’s enough pesticide parody for one post. On with story.

Why sploggers must be stopped

The humble splogger may seem like a minor nuisance, but it actually plays a serious role in damaging the internet and your website.

Web analysts know that sploggers work in two ways:

  1. They create spam blog websites with stolen, copied and mashed together content to try to trick Google to send them visitors so they can earn money from the ads they place on their fake websites
  2. They can create thousands of fake registrations on YOUR website in the hope of using mentions of their splog sites on your site to convince Google their fake sites are ‘real

Sploggers seek out sites with open registration settings and a naive ‘accept everyone’ policy of approving comments, so their fake, mass-produced ‘users’ can pollute blogs everywhere and point Google back to their festering splog sites.

While most website anti-spam measures stop comment spam, sploggers often bombard sites with fake user registrations that get past defences.

As such, it’s vitally important to think of sploggers in your website security considerations and take the necessary measures to ensure they don’t affect your online marketing and reputation.

Fast knockdown, low allergenic anti-splogger plugin

WangGuard is a free, easy to install plugin that just works.

Add it from the WordPress repository, activate it, and then do some simple configuration.

It will guide you to:

  • Sign up at the WangGuard site to get an API key (a code number) that can help the plugin learn faster and be better.
  • Set up some challenge questions that will stop splogging bots and only let real people through. Just one of mine on another website is: Mick Jagger is lead singer of the Rolling ___? That question has already stopped 33 sploggers in their tracks!

The rest of the settings you can leave by default.

In just one client who was being targetted by sploggers and getting 50+ fake user registrations a day, WangGuard stopped that immediately.

Provided the developers continue doing great work, I’ll be applying the Mortein philosophy with WangGuard: When you’re on a good thing, stick to it.

PS If this pest-control focussed post has you all nostalgic, you can play or  download the Louie The Fly ringtone from the Mortein website.



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