Who’s that knocking on the door? It’s gotta be the new WordPress 4

wordpress 4.0 Image: Steve DavisIt’s worth visiting your WordPress site today to update to the new WordPress 4.

WordPress 4.0 has lots of goodies under the hood, which is fitting, given it is named after Benny Goodman.

The main changes you’ll notice straight away are:

  • Your editing tools follow you down the page as you write your blog articles
  • Working with images is a whole lot nicer thanks to long, flowing image galleries
  • Embedding videos, tweets and music from third party providers like YouTube and Twitter

Let’s look more closely.

Editing tools stay close

The Godfather once said, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

I’m sure if he was a web savvy blogger, he would have said, keep your editing window open but your formatting tools closer.

As you type, your editing window grows with you.

Also, if you are writing a long article, you will appreciate how the formatting tools like the publish button, categories, etc, will stay within view, saving you from having to scroll up.

On top of that, all your formatting buttons like bold, paragraph styles, hyperlinks, etc, remain in view, on top of your window. Thank you!

Picture perfect images

The next time you add an image to your media gallery or need to insert one into an article, spend a few seconds looking at how your images are presented.

Instead of the old gallery window, the new one scrolls indefinitely so you can more smoothly navigate the images you’ve uploaded.

There’s also a new preview window when you are scrolling through the Media menu. Click on an image and easily update its title, description, etc.

What’s more, while in the individual image preview, click the forward arrow at the top to work on the next image in the queue.

Embed to your heart’s content

Finally, another highlight of WordPress 4.0 is the improvement to its embedding process.

Like I’ve talked about previously – Update to WordPress 3.4 – the new version has some extra goodies baked in – WordPress has made it easy to embed content like videos and tweets since version 3.4.

To recap, you simply paste the URL to a YouTube video or Twitter tweet onto its own line in the WordPress editor, and when published, the embedded content magically appears.

However, as of WordPress 4.0, you get to see your embedded item instantly, right there in the editing window.

This should give you a great boost in confidence because you will instantly know whether you’ve copied the URL correctly or not.

So, enjoy WordPress 4.0 and, it goes without saying, that all of our WordPress Website packages come with the latest version and numerous options for staying up to date.

Finally, for an extra dose of inspiration, let’s watch this talk by the late Ray Anderson, the CEO who took his carpet tile company from being an intensive user of petroleum products to one of the greenest in the world, inventing new recycling technologies on its way to massively increased products.

His trust now invests in new technologies that lessen our impact on the environment.

But, for now, let’s here him make his business case as one of the newly embeddable items in WordPress sites, TED Talk videos.




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