Blog writing challenge: No hipsters allowed

no-hipsters blogging tips Photo Steve DavisIf you’re reading this article, you know that blogging is a crucial business skill but be that as it may we all get stuck from time to time.

So today I have a habit, a ritual, a challenge for you to get you back on track.

This might take you out of your comfort zone so keep your eye on the greater prize; re-ignition of your blogging passion and production.

Notice things you notice

Here is the secret to staying on target with your blogging while never running out of ideas: look at the world through the lens of your calling.

If you are a carpenter, comment on structures and forests and termite treatments from YOUR perspective as a carpenter.

If you are an accountant, share your reaction to interest rate fluctuations or surprise us with the real cost of wandering from shop to shop looking for $10 discount.

My challenge to you is to notice something today that you usually bury in your subconscious. And then explain its significance simply.

For example, as you move about, what signs, buildings, movie posters grab your attention? Note what television shows distract you? Look at how you’ve arranged your desk in a particular way, or haven’t?

When you’ve chosen something, ask yourself how your experience has guided you to make that decision or view that thing in a certain way.

To me, that is the good stuff, that is the glimpse behind the curtain to see how passionate you are about your calling and how deeply you walk your talk.

No hipsters in this Wagga Wagga hotel, please

This article came about from doing exactly what I’m asking you to do.

I was being driven into the heart of Wagga Wagga by Peter from the Murray Hume BEC ahead of a series of online marketing workshops I’m running in the Riverina area this week, when we drove past the chalk board you saw at the top of this article out the front of the Farmers Home Hotel.

After a short chuckle, I turned to Peter and said, that’s great positioning.

In marketing terms, positioning is the perception you strive to portray to attract your desired customers and sometimes dissuade your undesired ones. Patrick Baker covers positioning eloquently in this article: The Baker Marketing: 2014 Marketing Summer School (Part 3)

What that chalkboard could be doing is making the hotels desired patrons feel at home and at ease, knowing they can come dressed in un-hipster attire and won’t have to deal with airs and graces expectations they might have to in other establishments.

Plus, taking the negative stance grabs attention and gets people like me writing about them. And because hipsters are not a persecuted group, savaged by generations of prejudice, but rather a bunch of robust people who can generally have a laugh, no harm is caused.

So I saw that sign as a marketer and turned it into a reflection on brand positioning ultimately spawning this article giving you a glimpse at how I live and breathe in my field.

That was my finding after the first viewing.

The next day, we went back to photograph the sign for this blog article and discovered it was actually a dry piece of Aussie humour, see full sign below.

While I would still argue our initial impression remains valid, I would also argue that the sign would welcome hipsters with a sense of humour, albeit with its risky headline which is the only thing you get a chance to read while driving past. (Hipsters would probably be on bikes, so they’d have more of a chance to read it, I suppose).

This has been my taste and try before you buy

Now it’s up to you to share a brief reflection on something from your perspective.

For starters, if you work in a field other than marketing, how do you view that chalkboard sign? You might have a whole different take that enlightens your potential customers to how you might be the right person for their needs in your field.




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  1. Barbara Reinfeld

    Great post Steve!! And what a super sign!! Very droll! Lots to think about and keep me motivated.


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